Friday, January 29, 2010

She is girly!

So as most of you know, I have feared that between Adam and myself, Mollye would turn out very tomboyish...

Well, I think for now we have a very girly, girl on our hands.

Today, we are out of school for a snow day. Mollye and I played all morning. It occured to me that everything we were playing was very girly! First, we carried our "purse" around. Next, we played in our dress up center. Then, she was starting to get tired and went to get her baby. Just check out pictures of this girl and her very well loved baby doll!

She loves babies!!!
Hope everyone has a wonderful day! I know we will!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Retail Therapy?

I know it is only January, but I saw this the other dayI really think Mollye needs this bathing suit! I mean this is our first "real" summer of swimming. I know it is $40- way too much for a small amount of fabric. But, I just know she needs it! Plus how cute would she be! I wouldn't have to pay to have it monogrammed because I bet Miss Mollye could sweet talk her Aunt Meg into doing it!

Oh what to do; what to do???

Monday, January 25, 2010

18 Months

How can it be? How can you be 1 and 1/2 years old!?! Where did the time go?

I love you sweet girl! While I am very sadden by the realization that you are quite the toddler now, I am so in love with every minute, every day, every year, and every half a year I have with you! You are more wonderful than you will ever know.

I hope you enjoyed your half birthday despite your not so fun visit from the teething devil! Yes, teething devil, I hope that your presence means we are getting our last three teeth at once! If not then you need to leave at once! My sweet girl needs a break from you.

It's tradition in our house to celebrate half birthdays! Ok, I pretty much like any reason to celebrate, but believe it or not I was not the one who started this tradition. Daddy, did this one. Last year, he brought Mollye Bear mini cupcakes- which of course Mommy ate. This year he, yes I said he, BAKED her cupcakes! He even put a candle and a half in one. She loved it! Along with the cupcakes he brought Mollye and Mommy cards. Hers was perfect with a kitty, and mine was perfect with a Harley dog look alike. Thanks, Dad, we loved it! Wish you would have been here to celebrate with us though. We know boats must be worked on though.

Check out a couple pictures of the sweet girl today:

No fear, she knew not to touch! She was a perfect angel for this event.

Yummy, I like this! Mommy never, ever gives me chocolate! Please note- Mommy had to withhold from saying something to Daddy about choosing chocolate cupcakes! I didn't though. The thought was too sweet!

Mommy says I must brush my teeth every night!

How can she be old enough to pretend read to her duck? How can it be!?!

Happy Half Birthday, Mollye Bear!

Sunday, January 24, 2010


So I actually laugh, when I hear my kids at school using the term "playdates." I'm sorry but it just sounds like such a rich kid thing. I don't remember ever saying "Mom, can I have a playdate with Kristie?" I think it went more like this "Mom, Kristie is coming over to play." Either way, I guess it's the same.

So to speak of playdates, they are my new favorite thing. I remember how I use to get so excited for "dates" with Adam. It's sad to admit this, but I get half as excited now about "playdates" as I did about those real "dates."

It's just as a mom, life is a lot of routine. For me this weekend routine, usually consists of just Mollye and I. As much as I love that, it's nice to have the occasional adult conversation. Even better to have adult conversation with someone who wants to talk about the same things that interest me these days: our children!

Our latest playdate was with a little, precious boy named Mason. He is on his way quickly to being the big ONE!

Mollye had a blast playing with him. I'm actually quite impressed with her ability to share and play with other kids. She is so precious to watch. She goes from being the "leader" and showing how playing is done to being the "helper" to being the "follower." I love all three!

Check out a few pictures from our last "playdate."

So there you have it, I will try to refrain from laughing the next time I hear the word "playdate" since I truly am loving them these days!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Accessorie!

I just love this new hat of Mollye's! I think she is so precious wearing it! Also, this is the new way I'm putting bows in her hair. She will leave them in this way! She wasn't much on the hat at first, but now she is getting better. She knows to go outside she has to wear a hat, so she will happily put it on in exchange for going to the outdoors. She is beginning to love being outside!

So check out this girl in her very, grown-up outfit! (She is getting too big! How can it be???)

How cute it that!?! Green sweater, blue jean skirt, boots, and the cute hat!! Sorry, she had been sick and still had the "sick" look this day. Yes, my child is just like me- you can look at her and tell by her face when she will be sick.

So as my seven year olds would say, everyone find a new accessorie today! Yes, 2nd graders are obsessed with accessories.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Stay at Home Mom, my wish!

Mollye had a bad night last night. Let's just say no one in the Casey's house slept. This morning wasn't much better as she sounded miserable. Mommy took the day off to take her to the doctor and get everything checked out. Why is that they always get semi sick on Fridays? Then, you have to worry if it will get worse or not. Anyways, we decided to go just in case. Turns out as we thought- she has the croup. She was a big girl though. She didn't even cry when they gave her a steroid shot! No tears. She simply looked at the nurse like "hey, what did I do to you?" Then I pulled her pants back up, and she turned to the nurse and said "BYE, BYE!" Off we went!

I figured we were headed home for a day of cuddle and relaxation. Oh no, half way down the mountain she perked right up! That shot must be a miracle drug.... ha. Anyways, so we decided to make the most of our mommy/daughter day! Oh, how I'm loving it! Too much let me tell you! I've never (yes, this may sound like a bad mom), but really I have never had the desire to stay at home. I love my job. I love the feeling it gives me. I love everything about it, but after today I think I have changed my mind! I feel I might just be missing out on too much at home! Check out our wonderful morning:

We decided to do as the doctor said- go outside and get fresh air! Ok, he said cold air helps, but today it is finally not cold! It felt great! We kicked the ball; we laughed; we cuddled; we talked! It was all too perfect. We even decided to bring the "car" outside. She loved it!

Next, we decided it was time to venture to the backyard to do a little swinging. She happily obliged. Watch this girl go!

After a wonderful time playing, we decided that the perfect way to end a great morning was with a picnic lunch. You see this guy Mollye likes to call "Ho, Ho, Ho" brought her a picnic table of her very own. We have already made lots of plans to have picnic lunches this summer with Maddy! However, we thought today would be the perfect day to try it out. Just look at this girl! She was in love with eating outside on her own table!

We sent Daddy a picture of our fabulous picnic lunch. I think he was quite jealous as it only took him about 5 minutes to show up with his lunch in hand (note- that is record time for Adam). It was too precious! He asked Mollye if he could join in on her picnic. She happily said, "Uh,huh!" Thanks, Daddy, for being the icing on our wonderful morning!

Now, she is cuddled up in her crib with her "b" and kitty. Mommy has done some cleaning, organizing, and some mommy time.

So there you have it, I have a new goal in life: be a stay at home mom! I want these memories every day!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Clean Plate!

Last night for dinner we had lasagna. My child must love lasagna!!! I have never seen her eat so much. She even asked for "ore, peez."

As I am awful tired tonight, I am deciding to stop with the words/stories and simply leave you with this happy, full girl:

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Snow Days!

Yes, it is true- I am a kid at heart! I love snow days! I love the anticipation of finding out school is closed. I lose sleep when snow is in the forecast. I'm like a small child on Christmas morning, constantly waking just to peak and see if it there is snow on the ground!

This was what I did all last week! Guess what- Thursday it worked!!! We had SNOW!!!

Now, I'm also much like a kid in the way of playing. There is just something so special about putting on extra layers and heading out to play in fresh snow. Now my child would probably have been just as fine to stay in the warm and play with her toys, but no, this momma wasn't having that! I bundled the girl up and outside we headed!

Just look how cute she is!

She really had a hard time understanding why it was a must that mom kept putting layers of clothes on her! You see I'm a kid, but I'm also an obsessive worrier- thus she had to be warm! She had on three pairs of pants, leggings, three socks, three shirts, jacket, scarf, mittens, and a hat! I think she was fine for the whole five minutes we were out there!

Can you guess which part she hated the most??? yep, the mittens!!! She wanted her fingers! Her comfort was covered by something pink!!!

So we took a hike around our backyard stopping along the way to build "tiny" snowmen! (maybe three inches, yes, tiny) We watched the "woof, woof" next door. Then I got the bright idea to teach my 17 month old how to make a snow angel! Had I been a neighbor, I bet I would have had a good laugh. Just imagine: me jumping on the ground making an angel, popping up to place Mollye on the ground and have her make an angel. Then she finally got the hang of it, and instead of just playing I decided I just had to have a picture! This was a mistake. At one point, I was literally holding her down on the ground by my foot- yes, I know this goes down as a bad mommy moment! I had to "capture" the moment! I promise she was having fun prior to my need for a picture. All in all, I was only able to capture this:

but I bet the neighbors had a good laugh!!!
I hope we have more snow days ahead of us! Also, I hope I have not scared my child from the fun of snow!
Happy Winter!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I feel like her hair looks!

So check out this child's hair...
As I have posted before, we have hair problems these days. On this particular day- we even had a bow in and had major problems. Though let me add that this is right after nap time! Yes, the child slept with the bow in her hair. If I can ever get one in her hair, then I do NOT take it out! Trust me- she does that part on her own!

Anyways, I'm kinda feeling like her hair today. Worn out, ran over, and just a mess!
I should not feel this way as I have had three snow days! However, I do. So today, I vow to work on my child's hair and work on myself. Back to working out, back to organization,back to routine, back to me... hopefully others will help out, too. :)
On a side note- Harley update. The poor girl has epilepsy. Who knew that was common in dogs? Hopefully the medicine will keep the seizures away.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Putting Away the Groceries

Nanny T and Papa gave Mollye one of her favorite presents this year! It's her own kitchen! Since Christmas, she insists on eating on "her" plates, using "her" fork, and now putting groceries in "her" kitchen!

The other night we needed a few things from the store. So I headed there while Mollye and Adam stayed home. I arrived back with groceries in tote. I received more than help putting them away; I had someone steal them from me! Just look at this girl go!

She loved putting things in "her" kitchen!

Thanks Nanny T and Papa!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Harley Dog

This sweet girl is on my mind tonight. You see she didn't have a great day today. My dad found her having seizure like symptoms. He picked her up and took her inside. They just cuddled together and thankfully she started feeling better. She has a Dr.'s appointment for 8:00 a.m. in the morning! Pray for her! I love that puppy. She was my first child!

You see she is not your typical dog. Cuddling doesn't happen. Sitting doesn't even happen unless food is involved. I realize this is a fault of the master- I learned alot after my failure of training her. Walks consist of lots of pulling. Howling is always in her vocabulary. Hair raising fits; looks like she might bite you kind of fits occur. She has even growled at Mollye on occassion.
However, I think this all comes down to the fact that she is very, very protective. You see she loves two people more than anything in the world. Those two people are myself and my dad! She use to live with me, but due to no safe place to keep her she moved in with my parents. They have graciously looked after her for two plus years now. Through this she has my dad wrapped around her paws! I mean what other dog gets ice cream everyday at a certain time. If you don't believe me, just ask anyone! I mean this man left the day I was having Mollye (born at 6:18) to make sure Harley had ice cream at 3:30~ I told you she had him!

All in all- I LOVE this dog! Crazy as she may be. She has taught me so much about love! I use to say if I found anyone who loved me half as much as she did I would be doing great! She has been with me through it all! Pray, Pray, Pray, that she is ok!

Here are the latest picture I have of Harley dog. This is Mollye giving Harley the balls out of her Christmas stocking this year.

Monday, January 4, 2010

I can't stop laughing!

Ok so really there is nothing to say other than watch the video!

However, I will give you a little background. Mollye and I were playing with one of her musical puzzles. She had been dancing up a storm so I just happened to decide to record her dancing. I picked the perfect time to record! Just wait and see! Watch what happens when the music stops and she tries to restart it! Ha! HA! It makes me laugh just thinking about it. Poor girl. I shouldn't laugh.

Oh, also note the random bib she is wearing! She loves to put on any bib she can find. Anyways back to the point... I present Mollye dancing(remember watch the end):

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The time I feared has arrived!

So I wanted a girl all along, but I must admit I fear two things:

1. Hair

2. Makeup

It appears that my number one fear is here!

You see I am a very plain and simple type of person. I'm not very good at doing my own hair much less anyone elses. I'm horrible at makeup! Just ask my roommate in college- I still make Jill do my makeup if she is here visiting. It was a must that she did it every night before we went out. I just make myself look like a clown. This is why I choose to wear very little! Hair is the same story! I use to make Lori come in from Knoxville just to flat iron my hair for a formal. Yes, I know I need to figure these two things out, but I think it may just be too late for me!

So anyways back to the problem... Mollye finally (only took 17 months) has hair, but there is one huge problem. It's starting to resemble a mullet. Ok, Ok, it's not starting to resemble one IT IS ONE!!! I figure I have two ways to fix this problem: 1. cut it 2. start styling it.

I'm not ready to cut it which made me go with option number two today. What do you think?

Yes, I know we are still months away from actual pigtails. I'm grasping at what to do here!!! I need Aunt Meg, Jill, or some other girly girl to HELP NOW

Please note the child WILL NOT keep hair bows in! The pig tails she did actually leave alone.