Sunday, November 11, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012!

We started the season out with a Pumpkin day! Lots of fun: homemade pumpkin play dough, estimating and measuring, pumpkin seeds, painting, designing and carving a pumpkin!

 Princess was not loving this part, but she did it! She did love eating the seeds!
Her feet are getting too big...

 Mallory had a little help :)
 Mollye did not :)

First, she had to draw what she wanted me to carve.  Then we worked together to carve her pumpkin!

 Daddy created this special pumpkin for Mallory's first Halloween! I love it!

Mallory spent most of "pumpkin day" playing in this fun toy.

 Mollye thought she should try it out...
Trick or treating here we come!
 Meet Tom and Jerry:

 Great times!
 Mallory even managed to get her hands on some candy...
 then Mommy took it away :(
 Happy first Halloween, Mallory!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Month 1 and 2

I figure I will not kid myself and admit that it will take me forever to post again so I decided to combine month 1 and month 2. Sorry, Mal!

Month 1 was full of two things- EAT and SLEEP.  She had a lot of growing to do! She was known to all of us as the "Squeaker."  She grunted and squeaked constantly!!! I am amazed looking back now at how small those legs are! No fat rolls!

Month 2 was full of two things as well- EAT and SLEEP.  She also enjoyed playing- mostly watching Mollye.  She loves that big sister! The toy in this picture was the only one she would have anything to do with for the longest! I can't believe she was almost double her birth size here.

Month 3 and 4 have lots more going on than just eating and sleeping.  I will save those for a day when I have more time!

Saturday, July 7, 2012


We had so much fun swimming as a family! I promise even Mallory enjoyed it-well not the float, but the swimming with Mommy brought lots of smiles!

First time off the diving board with no floaties!

She had already completed this probably 20 times so she's a little tired at the end, but she is doing so great!!

Not a fan of the float.  Poor girl! 

Monday, June 11, 2012

This Weekend!

I promise to update more on Miss Mallory's adventures over her 3 months of life, but for now I would like to catch you up on our current fun!

This weekend we decided to do a little backyard "camping"!!! Mollye was so EXCITED! She has been wanting to camp for a long, long time! I actually love to go hike, camp, and cookout.  I, also, know several wonderful trails around here, but unfortunately with Mallory being so small the backyard would have to do.  No worries though- this Momma had one fun trick up her sleeve!

We started the night off with a wonderful cookout and a family dinner outside- one of my favorite summer past times! Then it was time to set up the tent! While Daddy and Mollye worked on the tent, I got busy setting up my extra surprise!

Movie time!

 That's right we projected the movie on the fence! Mollye loved it!!!

Here is Miss Mollye and her Daddy camping/watching the movie.  I do have to note that my girly girl kept telling Momma- "my hips hurt."  Finally after four blankets and a sleeping bag, she was content.  Maybe camping in the backyard was best after all...

These two slept outside all night while Miss Mallory and I hung out inside.
 Who wouldn't want to hang out with this precious face??
The next morning it was time for some fishing with Daddy! I love her outfit;)

 Off they go!
 Back from catching two very "LARGE" (ok, not really) fish! She needed a little sissy time!

 Great memories!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Birth Story via Pictures

Mallory's Birth Story via Pictures:

The last picture of myself being pregnant, Mollye being an only child, and me in this hospital gown on BEDREST!

It's time! A little scared... Teddy is by my side though;)

NICU staff waiting on Miss Mallory:

She's here!
 Best sound ever!

 First picture in the NICU
 She had been sucking her thumb-one of the nurses took this piture for me after they learned about our finger sucking daughter, Mollye! 
 Jaundice journey starts...
 I loved holding her hand!

 We moved up to the 7th floor NICU! Mommy gets to do all feedings now!! She was only eating 27mL.

 Daddy's turn!
 Delicate long fingers:
 Thanks to Mommy's breakdown big sis gets to visit!!

She was saying, "Mallory, I'm Mollye your big sister!"
" I love you!"
 My favorite picture from our stay!

Failing her carseat test :(

 If she does not pass, she will come home in a carbed- I did not even know these existed!!

Thankfully she passed! Headed home after 9 days!

First time meeting big sister outside of the hospital!
Once home, she became Mollye's tag along baby! Since she could not be in her carseat for long periods, we resorted to Mollye's doll stroller!

Mollye was signing to her because she was crying :)
 Leaving the hospital after checking her jaundice levels again- LOVE THIS PICTURE!

Welcome Home, Mallory!