Monday, May 31, 2010

Why are some days hard?

Why is it that some days are harder than others?

Sundays to be exact.

Take this Sunday for example. Mollye chose to be extra talkative in church. I decided to be the good mom and take her to the nursery. Well let's just say that was like throwing her in the lion's exhibit at the zoo. Seriously it was-three screaming children, another one with diarrhea, two in the corner playing by their self, and two teachers each sitting on the floor doing nothing really. So needless to say we did not stay. We decided to go ahead and head home.

This is when the hard part hits (yes, I guess the stuff at church could be considered hard as well). We are driving home. We pass my aunt's house (where my grandmother always lived). The simple look at that house is when I have the hardest moments. I know that had it been last year we would have taken the opportunity to stop in and see Nana. She loved for Mollye and I to come visit, and the best visits were those Sundays when it was just Mollye and I sneaking out of church early. Oh how I would love to have just one more of those visits. I am thankful for all the visits that we did get to have, but I can't help but just wish she could hear that sweet little voice say "I love you, Nana."

So I ask why Sunday are you so hard? I know I do not have an answer, and I know that Sunday will always remain a challenge as it was our day. My only solution is to take the longer drive home and avoid the house all together on those hard Sundays.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

School's out for SUMMER!

Which means lots of playing with this sweet girl!!!

Oh the fun we will have! Trips to the park, to see the boys, to see Maddy, to play in our own backyard, swim lessons, and did I mention we are going to DISNEY!!! Yes, I know it's not the perfect age/nor best financial move, but the trip just kind of fell in our laps. I am not turning down DISNEY and a chance to take Mollye to the beach!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cupcake, anyone?

I believe in true discovery learning- call it the teacher in me. Adam on the other hand does not. He thinks it's way too messy!!

So on Friday night when I was baking my heart out (yes, baking for a bake sale and a birthday), Mollye really wanted to help. Well usually I let her help make whatever it is that I'm doing, but since we were not going to be the ones eating it I figured it might not be the best to let her add a little dirt and hair to the mixture... ha. Instead, I gave her her own batter, spoon, cupcake liners, and bowl. She went to work like a pro. Was it messy? Yes. Was it educational? YES! Did she have fun? YES! Did she end up sneaking the broken eggs out of the trash? YES! Did she have a melt down while I explained that those were nasty? YES! Did she continue baking? YES! Was it all worth it? YES!!!

So sorry Adam... I still think discovery learning is the best:)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy Daddy!

Adam recently turned thirty, and to celebrate we had a shrimp boil with lots of friends. Nothing better than a good time with good friends. It started off as a surprise, but let's face it is impossible to surprise Adam. I think had I not told him it would have been just his friends and I. He would have been super late as he was planning to do this and that. Needless to say I just told him! I had to do a little chasing of the fed ex truck, but all in all it worked out!

Sorry, I should have taken this picture prior to eating. Oops, I think I was chasing a sweet little girl around instead!

Since the party took place on Saturday, Mollye was back home Sunday for Adam's actual birthday. Here is the best picture! It's the last picture of Mollye and her Daddy on his 30th birthday:

Happy Birthday, Adam!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Baby Fever

I admit part of me has it, but not enough to react on it:)

Instead, I get to enjoy holding and cuddling this sweet girl!

The good news with this scenario is I still get to sleep! I like my sleep these days. Also, I'm not responsible for buying any diapers. That I think is key for me.
For me to react on this fever, mine must first be potty trained! I know I can't afford two sets of diapers. Oh wait, I can't afford two in daycare either! Looks like I will be living my baby fever out through Miss Victoria!

That's ok. I think we have already bonded:)

Time goes so fast

Why does time go so fast? How can Mollye be as big as she is!? She's talking like crazy now. Her two favorite things to say these days are:

1. I love you, Mama. I love you, Daddy.

2. Bless you, Mama. Bless you, ________. She does this for anyone who actually sneezes. If it is fake she just pretends to sneeze with you. Also, if you say thank you she will return with "you're welcome."

While I do love all of this and it just melts my heart, I realize time is going by so fast!

Last week she learned to climb up the steps at the church playground. These are not small steps either. These are big, straight up steps. Oh the things she will be into soon.

Look at this sweet girl mastering her first set of steps:

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Feeling Very Blessed

Blessed that God allowed me to be this sweet girl's mommy.

Blessed that God gave me this amazing Mommy! Oh how I love her!

Feeling very blessed:

Monday, May 10, 2010

New Goal

I have a new goal in life. The goal is to have one activity a night to do with Mollye.

I'm really bummed these days that I spend so little time with her. I have my regular job as well as I am homeschooling one of my kids. I will refrain from posting any details, but I do ask that you pray for this sweet child. I know my time is well spent helping them through this difficult time in their life. It still does not help take the guilt away from my heart though.

So as I cried the whole way to work this morning(the reason you ask, I left a crying girl who did nothing wrong. She simply only wanted her Mommy!), I vowed to take the time to do an activity with Mollye every night. We usually hang out, but to be honest we get so wrapped up in the dinner, bath, bed routine that it becomes very repetitive. I want to change that up for the last 13 days of school- yes thankfully it is just 13!!! So the goal is to come up with 13 Mommy/daughter projects! Tonight's was simple but a true love of Mollye's- PAINTING!

Look at this artist:

Proud of her work!!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Still playing

with the camera that is! I'm in LOVE with it!

Tonight Mollye and I went to the park upon request for the "purple slide." Seriously on the way to daycare this morning she asked to go. I responded with we can go when Mommy picks you up from daycare this afternoon. I of course thought she would forget. Oh no, I was met with "Mommy! Purple Slide?" The bad part was we had a family dinner that we had to go to before we could make it to the slide. Needless to say she ended up in two times outs b/c she wanted me to stop eating and take her to the "purple slide!" We did finally make it to the purple slide, and we both had a blast.

I was able to capture this cute shot of the day! She loves to crawl in this thing and play peekaboo.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Another great date

Remember the days of dating?

Getting all worried about what you would wear. Spending hours talking about how the date would go. Well that's not quite the stage Mollye is at, but she did keep asking on Saturday- "where, Mason?" You see JoCarole and I have decided that Mollye and Mason will get married. Yes, we are already planning this for them. So we continue to "stage" dates for them- ok more for the adult company and girl time but hey we'll call them playdates.

They had a fantastic date! I think they hit it off well given this is probably their tenth date. We felt the love in the air. Just check out these pictures. You will agree that they are meant to be together!

After the date was over, Mollye felt it was safe to eat her brownie. She said she was just too nervous to eat sweets in front of that cute boy! HA!

Monday, May 3, 2010


Yes, I know I've been missing in action! Life has just been so busy lately. I promise to try and do better. No real promises for seventeen more days- yes, I only have seventeen more school days! I think I can, I think I can!

Anyways while I've been gone lots has been happening in my life. Two major events that lead to one amazing gift! Adam and I celebrated two years together April 20th and I turned 27 on April 24th! Wow, he does have it hard! He came through amazingly this year. Check out my AWESOME gift:

I still do not know how he pulled this one off, but I'm in LOVE with my new camera! I felt like I was missing out on so many cute shots of Mollye. Not anymore! Now, I just have to figure out how to work this thing! Good thing Jose has offered to teach me lots this summer:) I need it!

I did play with it some this weekend, and I was able to get pictures that I would never have been able to with my point and shoot. Mollye is just way to fast for that camera. It was impossible to get a picture in focus with anymore. Take a look at a few shots from the weekend.

My first picture ever with my new camera! I forgot to mention that Adam brought me a dozen roses to school on our anniversary! This is one of them! Wow, I'm a lucky girl this year!

True Mollye expression here:

Fun times at the park: