Monday, January 30, 2012

Need a Vacation!

One would think that with being on home rest, I would have plenty of time to relax.  Why is that not how it seems to be going??? One main reason- I must admit I'm a stresser (yes, I made this word up! In my mind it clearly says one who stresses too much!).  Yes, a self-proclaimed, stresser! I have to let some things go, but I just can't.  Right now I can think of at least 10 things that I want to plan and know the ending- the problem is that this time I have no way of knowing the ending!! Thus, I have to hand it over to God and know that in the end it will be ok. 

While I sit hear and work on "relaxing," I started watching HGTV and dreaming of visiting some of the tropical destination places! Well seeing as how that's not going going to happen... I'll just revisit our last family vacation time! We did have a blast on a weekend getaway to Gatlinburg!

Upon arriving, my no fear child insisted on riding this (note Daddy is not good with the "fancy" camera!):

Love these two!!!

Fun family times at the aquarium!

Stinker! She wanted to pretend to be asleep!

This time she really could have been asleep on Daddy's shoulders had the walk to the car just been a few more steps!

Mollye's favorite part of the trip was in the back parking lot of our hotel!
She loved feeding the ducks!

Great times! I need another vacation, but maybe next time it will include a sunny beach! Sunshine seems to help in the stress world! 

Friday, January 27, 2012

MAC Love

This Christmas we had one extra special announcement! Our 2011 Christmas Card:

(note this was Mollye's actual face upon learning the news!)

I wanted so desperately not to find out the gender, but my husband was not much for the idea! We took a preview at one ultrasound, and as Adam put it "there's NOTHING there!"  That's right- it was very clear to both of us that we would be welcoming another little girl into the world!

 My heart was very happy! It's funny how life works sometimes.  I have ALWAYS wanted a little boy- ALWAYS! They are just so precious and mischievous! However, the little girl in this picture wanted one thing- a baby sister! She wanted one so bad that I could not help but to feel my heart grow with  happiness upon hearing that she would be getting her wish!

Next on the list of to do's came naming sweet baby girl number 2! One thing was very clear, I wanted to re-use the initials MAC.  Several of the women in Adam's family had the initials and married to keep them! Crazy, huh??? Another huge selling point was I have LOTS of monogrammed clothes to be re worn! Woo-hoo! Lastly, I love the idea of having my two little M & M's! Yes, I am a dork, but I like that thought! But the question still remained, what name???

When we went to the ultrasound for Mollye, we already had the name picked out! We knew that we wanted to honor the memory of Adam's mother and use Mollye.  Thus, this is where the spelling comes from.  Mollye will tell you her name is M-O-L-L-Y-E, e because I am extra special! Yes, baby girl you are are extra special and so was the lady you are named after! The middle name came just as easy to us- Addison.  I LOVED the name, and when we looked it up it meant the son of Adam so we felt destined to go with it!

Now if only this time had we walked into the ultrasound and found a "boy part."  We would be having one of two names- Jackson Patrick or Jackson Bennett.  It was easy and simple.  I wanted my family names to be used and honored in the same respect.  Too bad it was not that easy...

So  up first on the agenda was the first name... The list grew and shrank all in the same minute.  It did not take us long (a few weeks) to decide on MALLORY.  I just love the elegance and the flow it has with Mollye.  Now, the hard part- the middle name! I remind you it must start with an A.  We asked everyone for ideas.  Alyssa lasted a few days before Adam cut it.  Abigail was cut from the start.  America became a running joke- story for later.  Mollye had her heart sat on Cinderella- yes, she would tell you it started with a C not an A.  But none of these worked for our family...

One night while laying in bed, we once again were looking at every A name on the Internet.  When Adam asked me what I really wanted- he already knew.  I wanted something to represent my family.  Something to honor the people who are there for me every second of every day! The problem- only two people in my entire family have A names... (yes, I know I could let the A thing go, but remember all the clothes we have!!)  Our two choices- Adele and Almagene (not even sure that is spelled right).  Neither did much for me.  While those were both special people, they were not the ones that I wanted to honor.

 I must tell that my love for my very own Mother and Father is the one that I wished to honor! Both could have been accomplished by a boy, it appeared neither would work by a girl.  I was destined not to give up and mentioned the one thing that had continued to stay in my thoughts- Alaine.  You see my mom's middle name is Elaine.  I figured I could change it just enough to meet our needs, but yet keep it close enough that she would know we wanted to honor her! I had mentioned this early on in the naming process, but I had not received much input from Adam.  So I said it one more time hoping for at least a discussion... I got more than a discussion.  We picked it instantly! In my husband's words, "Kim, I can not think of a better person to name our daughter after.  Your mother is an amazing woman who gives and cares more about everyone else in the world than herself."  Just that easy! It was done! Our MAC #2 will be MALLORY ALAINE!  I'm very excited and love her name! It's original but holds so much meaning!

To our MAC girls, we hope you both can find your place in the world.  We know you have both been blessed to be honored with your names.  Our mothers are our world, and we hope that each of you can grow to be your own person but show values and characteristics that they show (ed).  Make us proud! If you can be even a small amount of the people you are named after, you will be AMAZING!

Thank you to my mother for being more than amazing! I hope to be half the woman and mom you are to me! I love you!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Christmas Morning 2011!

This year was so amazing with Mollye! Three is a very magical age when it comes to Christmas!

She could not wait to get to bed- yes, to bed!!! She kept begging Daddy to hurry up with the "hot chocolate" for Santa.  She needed to get to sleep! They worked fast and made Santa a special drink!

Mollye did everything on these cookies! She poured, stirred, baked, and decorated! She was so proud of herself!

Santa CAME!!!

This was one of my favorite pictures.  She kept this excitement and love all day!

Funny how their favorite gifts are often priceless! She had begged all season to touch Boy- which is against the rules of Elf on the Shelf.  No fear, this little Adam Casey, had her fair share of attempting to touch him through out the season. She often would report that he was "soft."  Stinker, I tell you!

Well Santa was extra nice and left a secret box under her very own Christmas tree in her bedroom. Inside the box was BOY! He came with a letter- since it was Christmas he had extra magic and she could cuddle him all day! She LOVED this gift!

 Another favorite picture of mine! Mollye loves her Nanny T! I loved having my family over for Christmas morning! What a fun tradition to start!!!

Bittersweet picture.  Our last Christmas as a family of three! Great memories, and I know there are many more to come! 

Wow!!! One lucky girl!!!!

Good night, Mollye.  I will see you next season- Boy.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season! The Casey's did!!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Christmas Tradition!

Christmas has long passed, but I could not allow myself not to blog about this wonderful season in our house! We started a new tradition this year- Elf on the Shelf returns via a breakfast!!! That's right "Boy" came back to see Mollye on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  Not only did he show up, but he showed up with a note from Santa, a small present from Santa, enough books to open one every night until Christmas, and a small breakfast! Mollye LOVED it!!! 

Meet- Boy! Mollye named him last year, and it was funny to watch her response to him this year.  You could tell she was not 100% sold on Boy, but what choice did she have!

Santa even had Boy write Mollye a letter! It helped for a few nights of getting her to sleep in her bed, but I must say Mommy just laying down the law helped more!

This was probably our favorite part! We loved opening a new book each night! It was fun to see what the present held and nothing is better than cuddling that little girl up and reading a good book!

Her new cup, place mat, plate, and small present! 

Yummy, doughnut!

What a cool cup Santa brought!!!

What could her present be???

TIANA! How did Santa and Boy know that she wanted that princess so bad!??!

Mommy wanted to keep the fun going so Mollye and I made snowmen pancakes.

Breakfast time!

This was a fabulous day in our house! I loved watching her face light up all morning- pure happiness! This will be a tradition for years to come!!!

More Christmas blogs to follow! Maybe I will be up to date by Valentine's Day:)