Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Love- in true form!

Happy late Valentine's Day!

This year was a very enjoyable experience.  Mollye is old enough now to recognize that each holiday has it's own meaning. To her this holiday was about Love!

Isn't that so true??
If only we all had the simple love that this two year old demonstrates.  It's unconditional. It's true. It's non-judging.  She honestly loves everyone in her life.  Though she does prefer her mommy to any... Nanny T and Aunt Meg come in a close second, as well as Aunt Casey.  Do you see the pattern??? I do- they are all girls! Mollye has hit the age of realizing their is a difference between girls and boys, and this girly girl prefers girls!

In fact, we even had to make different Valentines for boys and girls.

Mollye chose to make the girls "kitty cats."  I loved these b/c she was able to make them all on her own!

The final product:

For the boys in her life crocodiles were on the menu for Valentines.  At first I was not sure we would be able to come up with a crocodie Valentine, but luckily I found a cute one online.

I admit I had to do most of the work on these guys, but Mollye and her daddy were able to sign her name. 
 She loved the finished product!

 Oh the love that went into making these Valentines! She was so excited to give these to all of her friends at daycare.  She kept saying, "They will LOVE them."

 I know one thing is for sure- this year Mollye reminded me of the simple truth- we need to show love in the simplest form to everyone.  I love you, sweet girl!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's day!

Friday, February 4, 2011


Oh how I would love to have last weekend back! The weather was perfect. The family time was great! The Mollye bear was in good spirits! It was all so perfect.  Spring, could you please show up soon???

Look at the fun we had last weekend:

                    Sorry baby girl. I feel this weekend will be full of indoor activities.  Dollhouse, anyone??

Spring, I'm ready for you with my cool sunglasses!
They're puprle,you know!
 Love, Mollye

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A look back

Oh how I love this little girl!!! Mullet and all:)
Last night we were looking at old pictures and videos.  We watched this one, and it was hilarious to see Mollye laughing at herself! She even tried to reenact it!!!