Monday, December 30, 2013

Common core math

Many disagree with common core... It's like everything else in life; there are pros and cons. This post is not to discuss either in detail, but it is merely to brag on Mollye. 

Common core math requires thinking past just the answer. It requires defending your answer. It requires showing your answer in many different forms. It requires lots of mental math and LOTS of thinking! 

I, for one, personally hate this because I believe math is a simple answer. Unfortunately, i was taught that way... there was only one way to solve problems and only one answer. I would DIE if i had to take a CRA test.  However,  I love the opportunities it gives my students, and I LOVE watching the mental math involved.  For this reason, I do enjoy common core math! You would be amazed at the problems my students can answer in mere seconds using nothing but their brain! And no, they are not writing the problem out in the air trying to "see" the answer. They truly have a more in depth knowledge of numbers than I ever had! I bet many of my 7 year old students could answer quicker than most adults at answering problems such as 47+39. 

Common core you come with good and bad, but I am thankful that in today's world, where calculators appeared to be the only method for many, my 5 year old is beginning to have a deeper understanding of numbers! Today she rocked this word problem all on her own! Great detail! Bring it, kindergarten CRA! Ha! 

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning! My favorite day of the year by far! I have always LOVED the excitement leading up to that magical moment when you realize SANTA DID COME!

I love the priceless looks! It keeps me in the spirit all year!

Santa was very GOOD to my kids this year! I agreed that they had both been very "nice" thus they deserved lots of toys! Lots of toys... too many toys... but well you know one day soon toys will no longer be on their list.  I'm glad Santa understands my need to grant their every wish, ha!

Mallory LOVED her big gift this year! This roller coaster is awesome!

Mollye I feel was a little disappointed initially in Santa, but she was soon relieved to find out that Nanny T and Papa had fulfilled her wish! SAIGE! 

Christmas 2013 was very successful!

Here are two of my favorite memories from this season:

1. Mollye HAD to make Jesus a birthday cake and sing Happy Birthday! I love the sweet little girl she is growing up to be.

2.  The tradition that the girls get to hold their elf on Christmas! Mollye lives for this moment!

Merry Christmas!