Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Every Christmas is started by attending the candlelit service on Christmas Eve. This is my mom and I's favorite service! We take communion as a family and just enjoy the real reason for the season. Then we head to Mom and Dad's for a night of family time and games. It will always be tradition to get a family picture. Here is this years:It's also family tradition to play rook on Christmas Eve! So Dad, Brad, Adam, and I all played while Mom gladly played with Mollye. Here is how Mollye spent most of her Christmas Eve: riding in a bucket/laughing her head off!
We then headed home and put out cookies for Santa! Mollye was very tired so we had no problems getting her to bed. I'm guessing next year will not be this easy!

Mollye is snoozing and waiting on Santa! Family Stockings have arrived! Please note that is my stocking from my childhood! The only one I have ever had! I'm so happy that Aunt Sharon made one for Mollye, and when we cleaned out my grandmother's stuff we found two more! Yay now Adam and maybe a future baby will all have one, too!!! I love tradition! Santa Came!!!
Here is a picture view of our Christmas morning:

Is there more??

After Santa came, Ma and Pa came by to visit and bring goodies! Pa made Mollye special shaped pancakes. Ma brought warm cinnamon rolls! Yummy!

They also brought gifts!!! Seriously you could have just brought over wrapped empty boxes and she would have been happy. Mollye just loved opening all the presents.
Thanks Ma and Pa for all the great stuff and the fun time we had with each other. It really was special! Also, a special thanks from Mom for that fabulous bookshelf! We were in desperate need of that!!! Also, glad to report that Mollye can point out 38 of the 100 words in her new book! Give us a week and we will know all 100 as many times as she wants it read.

Next we were off to mom and dads. Mollye walked away with lots of goodies from Nanny T and Papa and Uncle Brad! Just check out all this stuff:

First off look at this awesome kitchen! We put it in our kitchen and Mollye absolutely loves it!

I was probably more excited about this gift than Mollye! She got a radio flyer tricycle! Not just any radio flyer tricycle, but the pink and purple girl tricycle! You see this was the gift that my Nana wanted so badly to get Mollye this Christmas. As this was her wish and our first Christmas without Nana, I really wanted Mollye to get this present. Thanks, Nanny T and Papa- this alone made mine and Mollye's Christmas! It was hard to do Christmas without being able to tell my Nana everything I got- see it was always tradition for her to come to the house and us kids show her everything!!! It makes me cry now knowing I never get to do this again, but I have such peace knowing she is no longer in pain. I also can't wait to share stories with Mollye about how much her Nana loved her b/c that was person who would have given the world to this child! She loved her so much and I'm so glad to say they share not only a birthday but a love like know other! We miss you Nana, but your presence is always near to our hearts. This was the best expression all day!!! Mollye seriously thought we had wrapped up a real kitty! Can't you see her in mid sentence of "Woah!!!" Love this! Now, the present on the other hand might be more annoying than a real kitty would be! To quote my husband, "Lulu you talk as mush as Dad-daddy calls." Mollye loves her kitty though so I guess we all might was well welcome "Lulu" to the family. Please take note that Mollye is using on of my packages as a stool!!!

Another "Melmo" not just any elmo though- the real original tickle me elmo! She giggles every time he laughs!

Last, we headed over to Adam's grandfathers for one last Christmas celebration. Mollye started eying the presents the second she walked in! We had a fabulous visit with Aunt Sharon, Aaron, and Dad-daddy. Mollye walked away with lots of puzzles (one of her favorites right now) and a cute purse! Thanks, Aunt Sharon!
Once we got home we thought Mollye would crash, but to our surprise she was up and going strong. This little girl just wanted to go home and play with her new stuff! Finally around nine she started showing signs of bedtime. Here is the last picture we took:

One very tired girl ready for bed! Goodnight Mollye, and Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Family Time!

Oh how I love this season! It's filled with lots of love and lots of family.

Perfect example is the sweet text message I just received from my husband:

Hey Babe, just wanted to tell you I love you. You have already made my Christmas by the family we have together. I love you!

How sweet is that?? He is correct. Our family makes our Christmas. You see we have this precious baby girl who will be 17 months on Christmas day! How can she already be 17 months??? Just look at this cute picture:
Anyways, back to my topic: family. I love my husband, but I must confess I LOVE his sister as well! I mean I have the best sis-n-law ever! Who else would make Mollye that cute outfit in the picture above?? Well, we have already done our "family" christmas with my sis-n-law, Kenny, Eli, and Casey. The cousins had a blast together. The adults enoyed some adult time, lots of laughter, and many memories were made.
The night started off by making a gingerbread house. This is a tradition of mine that goes back decades. I still remember the first house my dad and I built together. Let's just say it was not edible as we ended up using hot glue to hold the house together! We did eventually improve and thus made several houses, trees, trains, etc. Well now I have started this tradition with Mollye the past two years (yes, I am aware that I was the one who really built the house last year). So this year can you imagine my happiness when I found a prebuilt house that just needed decorating! I was more than excited! Here are pictures of the boys helping Mollye and I this year:I loved that Casey would randomly place the candy anywhere, and Eli would very politely move the Christmas trees back to their "proper" place. He was not having trees on the roof!

Here is the finished product:
Then it was time to move to the kids favorite part! Opening presents!!!

Just check out what they got:

Mollye a dress up center full of shoes, skirts, necklaces, braclets, rings, and even a cinderlla dress! She loves it!
Eli a remote control car and a build your own CAT truck!
Casey a full set of drums!
Last but not least I leave you with a video of two future rock stars! These two are way too much alike! They will have a love/hate relationship as cousins!

Thanks my family! You make my Christmas!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Santa Video

Try this link:

See Mollye on Santa's List

Mollye made Santa's List "" - Send your Picture to Santa and See Which List You've Made This Year

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Santa Pictures

So let's just say that this year Mollye will not be having a Santa picture. We went today. We might try again tomorrow- if they will even let us!

Let's just say she is not into Santa. I'm thinking Mommy should put on a Santa suit if I really want a picture this year. Anyways, we got all dressed up in one of our fabulous outfits designed by my sister-n-law. Incase you haven't heard: I love her and her fabulous clothes! She has even named her new clothes line "mollyemade" complete with Mollye's handprint for the tag. (Proud mommy even though Mollye has no clue!) Well, Aunt Meg made a dress especially for our visit to Santa. So dress on, shoes on, and bow even in we go to see Santa. Mollye takes one look at the poor man and immediately yells "Mommy, Mommy, NO!!" Even took Court and her sweet baby along hoping that would help distract Mollye- didn't work. So tomorrow I will be picking up a picture of Madelyn sitting nicely on Santa's lap and Mollye with arms out yelling Mommy. Glad it is a free picture- hence the reason we might try again tomorrow; FREE!

So after it was all over, we decided to go visit Nanny T and Papa. Mollye was more than happy to do this as she loves her Nanny T and Papa. They have a cute Mollye size rocking chair. We used it and came up with this cute picture:

So atleast we did get one cute picture in the fabulous visit Santa dress. Just a picture that is minus Santa! Hopefully next year we can wear it again and be less afraid. Or maybe I could rent a Santa suit??? Hmm... I think I'll just wait until next year.