Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

My mommy and daddy are thankful of me!

I am thankful of Mom and Dad.

I am thankful of Nanny T and Papa.

I am thankful of Uncle Brad.

I am thankful of Aunt Meg, Kenny, Eli , and Casey.

I am thankful of all my other fabulous family.

I am thankful of cheese puffs.

I am thankful of apples.

I am thankful of all most all food.

I am thankful of dancing.

I am thankful of my toys.

I am thankful of my "B."

I am thankful of every Kitty.

I am thankful to be so blessed and my mommy says she is very blessed!

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mollye's new love!

What is it you ask?


Just look at what she got caught doing tonight:
This child loves to play dress up. She loves to dig through her diaper bag and bring you all of her finds. She will beg and beg until you put everything on her! Often she walks around the house with her bib on for no reason but simply because it is cool to her!

Dress up games here we come!!!

So why is tonight so special to her....

Because she hit jackpot! You see until tonight she was limited to what clothes were in the diaper bag or laid out for the week. Not anymore; tonight she learned that she could open her drawers! What did she find inside??? CLOTHES, CLOTHES, and more CLOTHES!!! She was in heaven!
Just watch this girl in action:

So now the questions becomes: Do I put locks on the drawers or do I just let her imagination flow as she digs through the drawers every night?

The OCD part of me says lock the drawers!!! However, check out this sweet girl on a mission with her
I can't say no to that sweet face. So I will just deal with the mess and let her imagination flow! Have fun sweet girl!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Homework, already???

Who would have guessed that Nanny already assigned this baby girl a research report!?! At least that's what she says so she can get away with this:

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween in the Casey's house!

Oh how I love this holiday. I mean I love it so much that I have begged to have my pumpkins lit up again tonight. I can't bring myself to take down the decorations just yet. (Note: I promise I will take them down this week)

So how did we celebrate:

First we started off the day by dressing the sweetest ladybug ever:
Mommy even put on a witch's hat. Please note that Adam said it was "fitting." Remind me to show him how "fitting" it can be this week. :)We went to visit Nana, who is currently in the senior advantage at the hospital. They all loved seeing this cutie pie walking down the hallway. Then we headed over to visit Adam's family before taking off to Nanny T and Papa's to do a little trick or treating.

Mollye was very weary of the fact that we went to the front door. She happily obliged to knock on the door, but as soon as it opened she let herself right in making herself at home as usual. After all she cares more about "PAPA, PAPA" than the candy! However, that Nanny T took care of her. Just look at what she got for her first stop: YOGURT MELTS- a favorite of this little mollyebug! So then we all loaded Mollyebug up in the Radio Flyer Wagon and headed out for some trick or treating. She was happy as could be!

I even dressed up the Harley dog. Let's clarify that she was a rooster- not a chicken! I know she might be a little bit of a scaredy cat, but I did not make her be a chicken!
So here is my favorite part of the night: We are strolling around when Nanny T says, "Mollye, is chewing on a kit kat wrapper." Adam responds, "It's ok; she'll never get in it." I then turn to find Mollye smiling from ear to ear while munching on a freshly opened kit kat! She LOVED it!

Here is a quick video showing Mollye putting her candy bag into her bucket.

We said goodnight to Nanny T and Papa and headed back home to hand out candy. I think Mollye loved that part as much as trick or treating herself. Just look at how happy this girl is:
Our night was still not close to ending! We enjoyed handing out candy and admiring our pumpkins. Take a look:

Mollye's Kitty Pumpkin (carved by Adam):

Daddy's Scary Pumpkin:

Mommy's Goofy Pumpkin:

The Family's "C" Pumpkin (carved by mommy):

All in all it was a great Halloween! We came inside and had a fabulous dinner:

Homemade Spaghetti by Adam (he even did the dishes so I guess I will hold off on the witch this week:) ):

Ghost double baked stuffed potatoes and lots of candy! Yummy, Yummy!

Happy Halloween! From the Casey's!

Candy, Candy!

So this is actually Halloween Eve around 6:30 a.m.!

Mollye comes into the kitchen as I am getting ready for work. She spots our trick or treating candy. She uses those little hands to drag it all out, and well I think the picture explains the rest! This is one happy girl:

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween! I know we did! I will post more about our fabulous Halloween as soon as I have more time.