Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mollye Turns ONE!!!

Dear Mollye,

Where did the first year go? Oh, how I have loved this year. You have blessed me in ways you will never know. You were a surprise to mommy, but truly a planned gift from God. He knew exactly what I needed. Although you came along with eight months of NO sleep, I would still do it all over in a second! I miss holding you and cuddling you. I use to hold you every night from seven until nine. I would sit in the recliner and just admirer all that God created within you. Now, you are a growing girl and your naps on mom last a mere two seconds- still an all too precious two seconds though! Here are some other fabulous memories:

  • two fingers

  • bringing "cupcakes" to your midnight/two a.m. feedings

  • Halloween

  • bath time- I miss your Teddy sponge days, but I love your ability to splish,splash

  • sleeping in my bed- I know it is frowned upon, but I loved every second of it!

  • watching you learn to sit up and pull up

  • your fabulous clap

  • your love for food

  • when you first started eating puffs

  • Kitty and puppy sounds

  • the way you slept with your arms all folded up by your head

  • the way you love your mommy more than life itself

  • playing with the cell phone

  • swinging at the park

  • walking at the park

  • swimming

  • dancing to music; you love music

  • your giggles

There are so many fabulous memories; way too many to name.

Thank you, Mollye! You have given me the best year of my life. You have taught me to remember the simple things in life. You have taught me to enjoy every moment. You have taught me to slow down and make time for things that matter the most. You have opened my eyes to just how magical this world is and all that it has to offer. I love to see how the simplest things amaze you. You are learning, sweet, baby girl. Learning all too fast. Always remember the innocence and the simple joy- you have showed me these again.

Oh, how I love witnessing all the firsts for you. The first year was full of them. First bath, first smile, first tooth, first feeding, first sitting up, first pulling up, first crawling/army crawling in your world, first giggle, first hand motion, but my favorite first was the day you said the word: mama!!! I didn't know my heart could melt anymore, but sure enough you did it again.

I love you, Mollye! I will not always do things right, but I can promise I will give you LOVE! More love than you knew possible! You are my world! You are my sunshine! You are my Mollyebear! Seeing you every day and every night, light up my world! Happy first birthday! We have many more memories to make, many more moments to be had! Endless amounts of hugs and kisses are still left with your name on them sweet girl! Mommy loves you!



I love watching you swing and giggle! Happy first birthday, Mollye!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Kissing Time

No, this time it's not the "boyfriend." [she has been known to kiss Harrison at daycare]
Nor is it mom or dad

Not even Nanny T or Papa


She has a new favorite thing to "kiss"


She loves to kiss her oversized rubber duck!!!

She will even make the kissing "mmm" sound as she does it.


the best part of this event is Adam's quote:

"but Kim, it's open mouth and everything!!! [with a very concerned look on his face]

Yes, Dad, mollye who will be one in three days has already learned about real kissing/open mouth kissing! I swear he would lock her up in her room wearing a sweatsuit if he could.

Too funny!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

First Trip to the Zoo!

Oh how I dreamed of this day...

A family trip it would be.

Just the three of us were off to the zoo.

With a family budget in mind, we agreed that the spending limit would be admission price only. So we paid our money(change was $2) and entered the Nashville Zoo. After watching the silly monkeys, we rounded the corner to see what? A carousel, of course!

Now Miss Mollye has never been on a carousel, so of course mom wants to forgo the budget and put that baby girl on a fun animal of her choice! Dad graciously agreed when the admission price was the exact change we had $2!!!

Fun was had by both mom and daughter. Dad watched the stroller and waved each time we passed.

My dream day was unfolding!

The next stop was the tallest animal in the zoo! What's that? A giraffe of course!

This was Mollye's favorite part of the zoo. She stared in amazement at this large, interesting creature. I love this picture- it is a clear example of how much Mollye and her Daddy are alike! Just look at those curious, desiring to know it all stares. I love them!

As we continued our day, Mollye had to have a snack and juice of course! She was precious; just strolling along taking it all in- every sight! We saw several more animals (lions, tigers, {No}bears, oh my the fun!)

We had to stop along the way for Daddy to give his Mollye Bear a little kiss! Perfect day still unfolding!

We then headed over to the critter area (AKA petting zoo). Mollye liked it, but she always gave us the look like "please don't tell me you think I'm touching THAT!"

All in all it was fabulous! I think Mollye had a great time at the zoo. She loved having Mommy and Daddy all to her self. I love to watch her grow and learn, and I love to spend time as a family! This trip was complete family time; I LOVED IT!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Love the sister-n-law!!!

How cute is this outfit???

This post will be simple and to the point:

We LOVE our talented AUNT MEG!


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

On Daddy's Watch

So I ponder and ask:

how did this even happen???

Did he not see the signs of a sleepy baby?

You know; rubbing the eyes, yawning, all the usuals.

Maybe even a little moaning or crying??

Nope, he says none of these were present.

Here is dad's story:

She was just eating her cheerios and watching her cartoons. Next thing I know she lays her head down and passes out. Yep, that's right passed out in an upright, miserable position.

So what's this dad to do...

Now all you mommies are thinking- get that baby in your arms or in the crib.

Nope, not this daddy he says "She's fine and most importantly she's ASLEEP."

So that's right, he leaves her just like you see.

So what's mom to do when she walks in to find this...


How adorable is that baby???

I did later rescue her and cuddle her, but this only occured after the precious moment was captured in Kodak style :)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

My Blessing

Yesterday was the 4th of July. Lots of my thoughts were on freedom and our American blessings, but mostly I continued to revisit my blessings (and I have lots to count!), but my number one blessing, Mollye. Her love is unconditional. Thank you, God, for knowing exactly what I needed in life. Her love and your love are such a blessing.

*Adapted from a fabulous poem I read today*

Her little arms reach out to me
When I walk in the room,
This special little girl,
a flower of love in full bloom.

The trusting smile she gives to me
While gazing in my eyes,
It provides me with the desire
to be her number one; her golden prize.

I hold her close and kiss her often
And whisper of my love,
I say a prayer of gratefulness
And send it up above

Her Mother? What could I have done
To earn this gift, this right?I'm still not sure, but I'll thank God
Each morning and each night.

Thank you God; you have given me the greatest blessing ever. I can't believe my life seems so full, so right- now that I have a precious baby girl. The look she gives. The love she gives. It is like no other. I never knew love could be like this. I hope to take the love and lessons I have learned through her and provide them in the rest of my life. I need to give the type of love she shows me to those important in my life- first and foremost, GOD. God, you have blessed me & I hope to take that blessing and honor you. Show me the way, show me the path you have for me to follow. I am ready, and I know my tag-along will love to give some of her precious love away. THANK YOU!