Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Good Morning

Mommy wanted me to say that she is sorry for the lack of blogging... she says she will try to remember to get better at it. School is no fun if you ask me- it means my mommy doesn't have time to blog and share me with the world. It also means that Mommy has to take me to daycare everyday. How much longer until summer vacation? - Love Mollye

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wishful thinking

It is 6:18 a.m. as I write. Here I sit- rollers in my hair, dressed fully for the day, lunch packed, Mollye and Adam still both asleep.

I told myself that I would not start complaining this year, but all I can think this morning is how I would rather be doing this:

than heading out the door to work. I miss seeing my little girl everyday! It went from all day everyday to now it is for only a few hours at night. Thinking I may have to skip working out tonight and take her somewhere fun at 3:30! I love you, Mollye!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mollye's Future Husband

You have already met him, but I feel that I should remind you again of Mr. Mason (especially since he will be in the family one day)!

Mollye and him have had quite the summer together. I must say they have fallen head over heals for each other. Ha! Well truth is, they are quite fond of each other. Mason's eyes light up when his mommmy talks about Mollye. And well Mollye, just flat out picks up her phone and pretends to call him and confess her love. No joking here. The child really does this!!!

We tried to get together most Wednesdays this summer, and we hope to continue you that during the school year with small afternoon get togethers. We had fun taking the kids to the zoo, aquarium, park, and just playing in the backyard! Check out some of our fun times together this summer:

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

First Haircut

So this really happened over a month ago, but like I said I have been living my summer in a hands on, every moment kind of way. Not behind the computer like I do the rest of the year, ha!

Mollye as we all know has had a mullet for quite sometime. Bless her, but the only thing to call it is a mullet. Shall I remind you:

Truthfully I had been thinking about doing it for sometime, but we went to swimming lessons one morning and the decision was made. I noticed another little girl with the same stringy hair . She was older and it had grown into a full out mullet with the stuck to your neck look. I decided then and there that Mollye could not look like that. Note- as I write this right now my child needs another haircut in order not to look like that in two weeks!

So I put in all the necessary phone calls. Janie for the hair appointment. Lori for the photographer- you know I have to capture every first moment of this child!!!

Editor's note- please excuse the swollen, red eye. This was during day five of the ugly mosquito bite.

The one hour before our first haircut picture:

Mollye very unsure about the future- needed three things 1. B 2. Fingers 3. Mommy

Talking it over. I had intended to do a little bobb, but Janie brought up a good point that we needed just a little more of the front to grow out. Plus she knows me well and all I was really prepared for was a small trim!

First Cut:

A few more:

Still needing fingers and B:

Pretending to cut the baby's hair:

She's loving it now:

All done:

Now I just need to call tomorrow to make the next appointment- I'm thinking go more drastic next time!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Summer Vacation Part II

We were only in Florida for a full three days, but we made the most of our first family vacation! I was determined that we could not be that close and not go to the beach!!! So on Tuesday we woke up and drove to Cocoa Beach- which we loved the area!

Mollye was amazed with the ocean and the sand. She loved everything about it! Her favorite things to do were jump the waves with Mommy and Daddy and build sandcastles. She played her heart out! I recall these two probably young twenty year old girls sitting by us- they did nothing but watch Miss Mollye all day! She was just that entertaining in her prissy Mollye way.

I'll spare you the complete 126 pictures and just choose a few favorites:

We finished up our trip with one last visit back to Downtown Disney- I needed to do a little shopping!

I went shopping and this is what Daddy and Mollye did:

I bought a sucker as I knew I would need something to brag her out of that fun water!! She was a mess, but it was so precious!!! This child LOVED vacation!!!

Sadly our trip had to come to an end. We left to head back the next morning. I must brag on Mollye- she was amazing in the car!!! We have no dvd player so she had to rock it the old school way- lots of singing, talking, and playing! I was so proud of her!!! I must also tell how she thought downtown Atlanta was full of princess castles!!! Love the innocent look on life!

I can't wait to share some more fun things we did this summer. I promise to get back in routine of blogging. I'm sad that summer is over, but I realize that we did do lots of fun things!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010


With only one day of summer left, I figured I should get back to my blogging. I promised to upload pictures of our first family vacation!! Plus, I just wanted to re-live it a little bit longer. I think we all do. I would jump in the car and go back tomorrow if I could. Mollye still asks to go ride Dumbo or go to the beach often. Adam wants to go down during Christmas vacation to see Disney with Christmas lights- hmm... sounds lovely; just how are we going to come up with that money?!?

Anyways back to the trip:

Leaving for Florida wearing nothing other than Minnie jammies (THANKS, Nanny T):

We drove through the night, and Mollye did an amazing job in the car! She slept most of the time, but about thirty minutes before arriving at the condo she was ready to be out of the carseat!!! We finally arrived around 3 a.m.. Mollye instantly went running into the condo screaming "where mickey? I want see Mickey!" Oops... I guess we forgot to explain that it would be a little later in our trip that we would see Mickey Mouse.

The first day we hung low and rested at the condo. We went swimming- which my fish of a child loves!!! Then that night we decided to head to downtown Disney for dinner. My favorite part of driving in Downtown Disney was how Mollye would point out all of the Disney buses and tell us that Mickey was driving the bus!!! She was so serious!!!

The next day was the very anticipated day- Magic Kingdom!!! Let me walk you through our day with pictures:

It's too early, Mom!

Leave it to me to make sure she has a Minnie Mouse fork to eat with the morning of Disney!

Thanks to Aunt Meg for our surprise outfit!!! I get Mollye a fork. Aunt Meg makes sure she is dressed!! Let me tell you she was super cute, and everyone commented on her outfit!!

I can hear her screaming- "I go to see Mickey! I see Mickey!!!" She was so excited, and bless her because she had no idea what she was really in for!

We're here!!!

The best thing that we did was arrive before the park opened so that we could watch the opening celebration. Thanks, Lori, for planning this for us!!! Mollye was in complete amazement that Mickey really is real!!!

Mollye's very first ride- A Small World:

only my child would get caught on camera doing this:

We rode several other rides as we did not have to wait in line more than two minutes for anything the first two hours!! I advice go early if you go to Disney! Mollye had two favorite rides- one was non other than DUMBO!!! One of the two times that she cried was when she had to get off of Dumbo, but no fear she was happy just to get right back in line for another turn.

Adam is still very challenged when it comes to the new camera, so I had to settle on a picture in the play dumbo- not the real ride.

Another favorite of Mollye's was Mickey and Minnie's individual houses. She loved Minnie's as she could play with everything in it!

Hmm... Minnie, what do you have to eat? Cheese! Yummy in my tummy!

We waited in line to see Mickey and Minnie- we could not come to Disney and not meet them!!! Mollye was so excited and talked nonstop until we actually saw them. It's funny how she can go from a Casey to a Bennett just like that!!! Needless to say she did not run to Mickey or Minnie. We did walk away with cute pictures and autographs!!! As we were leaving Mollye was very sad and wanted to go back to Mickey- it was like she was saying "hey, wait, give me a second to get use to you!!!"

Another favorite of Mollye's was Pluto's boat. She LOVED playing in the water!!! I mean loved it to the point that she played for a good twenty minutes with solid giggles!!!

Lunch looked like this for Mollye:

No tears, just passed out.

After a few more rides, we talked Daddy (he was very nervous) into riding the rollercoaster with Lori and Pokey while we went to a Character Parade- probably one of my favorites that we did!!! Mollye and I were able to be front row, and she loved it all!!!

We met back up with Daddy who had purchased Mollye a balloon- how sweet! We decided to head back for a short nap before returning for the night parade and fireworks.

Mollye's second favorite ride- the teacups. Also, the only other time all day that we had tears. Again the tears were because she did not want to get off. No fear we rode three more times.

After the parade, we were able to ride a few more times on Dumbo while others watched the fireworks. However, by this point Mollye was falling asleep in line- she would wake up to ride though!! We decided to call our day a success and head back to the condo. What a great day it was!!! I will post more about our vacation tomorrow!

Thank you to all who helped make this vacation possible. Especially a big thank you to Lori and Michael for the invite- and to the other people who are very dear to my heart that helped make this happen. It truly was :