Sunday, November 11, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012!

We started the season out with a Pumpkin day! Lots of fun: homemade pumpkin play dough, estimating and measuring, pumpkin seeds, painting, designing and carving a pumpkin!

 Princess was not loving this part, but she did it! She did love eating the seeds!
Her feet are getting too big...

 Mallory had a little help :)
 Mollye did not :)

First, she had to draw what she wanted me to carve.  Then we worked together to carve her pumpkin!

 Daddy created this special pumpkin for Mallory's first Halloween! I love it!

Mallory spent most of "pumpkin day" playing in this fun toy.

 Mollye thought she should try it out...
Trick or treating here we come!
 Meet Tom and Jerry:

 Great times!
 Mallory even managed to get her hands on some candy...
 then Mommy took it away :(
 Happy first Halloween, Mallory!