Monday, February 22, 2010


Not a lot of words today; just simply how precious is this:

Kmac/Aunt Meg/Mollyemade did it again! We love it & you!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

More Snow!

Yes, I bundled the sweet girl up, and we went sledding! I know who does this to an 18 month old! I do!!!

She was quite shocked by it all. Let's just say she sat in Mommy's lap most of the time. She did sled once and laughed the whole way down. Also, she got to have hot chocolate and graham crackers- this was by far her favorite part!

I think the clothing attire was too much for her. I may have went overboard on making sure she stayed warm. Either way this picture says it all! Just check out her eyes!

We all asked Mollye if she had fun, and she would reply "uh,huh." But... I think these eyes show something different!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow Day!

I'm loving all this wonderful snow! Keep it coming as long as I do not have to go to school in June and everyone remains safe!
Mollye is getting to the point of figuring out this snow as well. Today she actually "played" in the snow. She made a ball and threw it at her daddy. Oh and she made her own snow angel! Check out our great time (by time I mean five minutes). Seriously, it took longer to get dressed!

Valentine's Day!

What a great day it was!! It started the night before, when Adam called to tell me we were going out to eat all by ourselves. So I took Mollye over to mom's house, and we enjoyed a nice, quiet dinner. Then we picked Mollye back up and headed home.

The next morning I woke up to the sound of Mollye Bear laughter! I just love that sound. She was in a great mood. She quickly realized it was a special day, when she spotted this:

This little girl got her very first baseball tee set! She is getting pretty good at it. Give us a couple of weeks and she will really be hitting the ball. Also, she got two "melmo" books. She loved those!

She helped her Daddy open his present as well:
Well technically it was her gift anyways. You see I am really starting to push the sports this Valentine's day. She gave her daddy a pink soccer ball. Yes, mom might be trying to start the sports a little early! Oh well, never hurts to try.

Then Adam cooked us breakfast and off to church we went. Look at what Mollye wore to church:

Nope, this dress is not a KMAC design. Although this week Mollyemade is previewing the 2010 spring line collection!!!

Nope, this dress is extra special to me! I know it is a little big, but there was not a more perfect day than Valentine's day to wear this dress. You see this dress was mine when I was little! Yea- for my mom holding onto everything. I just love that Mollye and I wore the same thing!

After church came my best present (yes, I got flowers, candy, diet cokes, picture frame, and other goodies)!!! Adam said why don't you take the afternoon and go shopping all by yourself! So guess what I did!?! I WENT SHOPPING!!! By the way, if you have not been to Ross you need to go. They had amazing deals! So two dresses, two pairs of tights, party decorations, and a shirt later I came back home to my two Valentines!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I picked Mollye up from daycare yesterday to find a lovely invitation to her Valentine's Day Party! Yes- that's right she is having a Valentine's Day Party at daycare! This means that she had to have Valentines to pass out. Well, we headed off to Wal-mart to buy some. Only standing there looking at them made me realize that we just could not use these as our very first valentines. So back home we went. Instead, I did lots of googling and thinking. Finally, I decided on this homemade valentine:

It is a shovel with candy attached. I used a paint pen to write "I DIG YOU" on the shovel! How dang cute is that?!? Then I added a bow and a personalized card for each child. Too cute!!! I think these will work as our first valentines!

Here is the tag up close:

Here is the shovel writing:

I just love it! Yes, I know I am "that mom!" That one that has way too much time on her hands and has an obsession with things being just right!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Big Girl Hair

Look at this big girl! We are still working our way through the mullet, but we have mastered the pigtails. Thus, we are trying new "styles." I think this one makes her look way too old!

Such a sweet, big girl!


This is what we have called Mollye all along! Yes, I know it is wrong to call your daughter a pistol. But... well when she IS a pistol it is fitting. Let me explain:

You see she is quite the into everything girl these days. We were at Mom's house on Saturday when Mollye spilled her milk. We had to change her clothes and decided just to put on comfy jammies! Well these comfy jammies are very easy to unzip! She thought it was funny to unzip and look at her belly. I must admit I kinda thought it was funny, too. We told her to keep her clothes on and finally she got tired of the zipper and followed directions.

Fast foward to nap time on Saturday... She was sleeping peacefully; she never even made a sound when she woke up. Finally I hear her laughing so hard! I go in to get her out of her crib, and I find this:

She had fully undressed herself, but she could not get her feet out. She just kept laughing and saying "toes!" This is a pistol I tell you!

Monday, February 1, 2010

How Sweet!

Please ignore the horrible camera quality. This picture was taken with my cell phone on the way to Chattanooga today. I just couldn't resist capturing this precious moment. She was so happy to have her baby and "B." The three of them are quite the group. They are one in one at all times.

Play time!

I'm sad that Mollye continues to look more like a little girl everyday; however, I love the new things we can do during play time!

Friday, we decided to try playdough again. If you remember from our Halloween days, Mollye did not like playdough! This time was a different story. She enjoyed rolling it, cutting it with cookie cutters, and just watching Mommy play. We even left Daddy a message. He loved it!
As I post this, I am finding out that we are out for a snow day today!!! I can guarantee there will be lots of play time today! Playdough, puzzles, dolls, cars... it's all on the agenda today!!!