Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Back to work

Back to work I go again today...

I thought I was so ready to go back! I was yesterday, and I know I will be  fine once I get there today.  However, I'm not fine right now.  Staying home with Mollye is exhausting, but I LOVE it.  I miss my baby girl! Mostly I like the fact that I truly felt like I was raising her and teaching her to make good choices.  Instead now I feel like I'm teaching 25 other kids to make good choices.  Oh well. At least I do enjoy my job.

Miss you sweet girl! I will see you at 3:30 today!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day 3

Ok, I must admit that I am tired of the snow now.  I am not one for sitting in the house all day, and the fact that my car has not moved since Sunday is driving me crazy!!! Thankfully JoCarole is on her way to pick up the Bear and I! Mollye could use a friend to play with and I NEED adult conversation!!!

We have had an enjoyable day though.  Lots of cuddles, kisses, dollhouse, Tom & Jerry (she just loves that cat and mouse), and more crafts!

Today's craft: Painting with shaving cream and glue

Mollye loved making circles with the paint:

 She also LOVED the way it smelled!
 She kept asking to practice with her scissors, but I told her she had to wait until he was finished.  As soon as we finished him, she ran to grab the scissors!
 Perfect example of why a 2 year old may not need scissor practice. It appears we are headed for a "boo, boo" at any moment!!!
 Our rule is we do one project together and then Mollye always gets to do one completely by herself.  She loves that, and I believe that kids need to be able to freely work.  Here is her snowman:
Look close and you can see the face.  She declared, "Momma, I done.I only want a face. No body, no hat,no arms, nothing else."
 Our  completed snowman:

What can be on the plans for tomorrow??? Hmm... I think it is time to get the car out of the driveway! Shopping, maybe??

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas Morning!

With all this snow, I thought I should try to catch up my blog readers.  Let's rewind to Christmas morning:

I woke around 6 in my usual little kid Christmas mode only to find everyone else dead to the world! I did find this nice surprise out of my window:

 I rushed to check on Mollye.  Still out like a light:

 I finally convinced Adam to get up with me and enjoy the very magical, white Christmas! It was an amazing feeling to see such blessings under the tree, white snow covering the ground, and my very, happy, healthy family all together! I would call us lucky!

We finally waited as long I could stand (yes, I, the grown  adult could not take it any longer), and we decided to press Mickey's foot in hopes that Mollye would come running.  She did just that!!! Out the door she flew going, "Mickey, I hear Mickey!"  We made her wait until the video camera was running and everyone was in picture mode.  She rounded the corner, looked at her gifts and said, "my baby stroller."  As if to say I had no doubt.  Then she walked right up to it and went, "no, baby."  Ugh... no, child, you must use your own baby; be happy you got the stroller! Ha! She happily went and retrieved "Holly" to ride in her new stroller!
 From then on it was nothing but smiles, giggles, and lots of thank yous! She really was grateful. She just had to wake up first...
 Mollye and all of her toys that Santa brought!!!
 She loved unwrapping the presents!
 I love stockings, and so did she!  A huge thanks to Aunt Sharon for making Mollye this stocking a few years ago.  It matches mine from my childhood.  I love traditions!
 Still digging for more gifts:

 Daddy's turn! Mollye helped of course.  I love that she looked back at me and went, "shh, don't tell Mommy!" It was his new welding jacket!
 Mollye's gift from Mommy and Daddy.  Crayola makes some cool stuff! This was a huge hit in our house!
 As we do each Christmas,  Mollye and I have a picture together just the two of us on Christmas morning.  She is getting so big!
 I am almost embarrassed to post this picture.  This is all the gifts that Mollye walked away with on Christmas Day.  Keep in mind this does not include several others from aunts, uncles, Ma & Pa, etc. Wow... she is very blessed and lucky.  I am happy to report that every toy under this tree is truly being played with except Mickey.  He's a boy toy... so she says.
What a blessed Christmas we had.  The morning was everything that I dreamed of!  And the night was the icing on the cake.  All season we had been talking about baby Jesus and Christmas being his birthday.  I thought that she just liked talking about the baby, but on Christmas night when we said our prayers Mollye offered up this, "Happy birthday, baby Jesus."  So I end by saying:

I vow to promise to always teach my child the real reason for the season. Merry CHRISTmas!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day!

We woke up to 8 inches of snow!!! It even measured up to 9 in certain spots!

Mollye and I had a wonderful mommy/daughter snow day! It started the night before when I was putting her to bed.  I was explaining to her that mommy did not have to work tomorrow and could stay home with her.  I started telling her everything we would be doing, and each time I told her something new those big, blue eyes would get huge as she would go "oh, so fun!!"  I just love the innocence of a 2 year old.  She truly loves life!

So just as I promised we had a busy day today!

Started off by making donuts. Yummy! I can't say that either of us actually ate one, but we had fun making them!

 She even got caught licking her fingers! It must have been good!

 Then we bundled up to head out and play, play, play!!!

We measured:
 Mollye measured. She declared it was "big!"  Then she somehow lost our ruler.  I guess I will be hunting that when the snow melts.
 Please note the jacket added before the attempt at a snow angel.  She was so upset that her new purple jacket got dirty with snow that she made me go back in and get one to cover it up with!!! Oh how that girl loves purple!
 I love her face in this picture! She loved the snow.  She would try to run and just fall to the ground. 
 We then decided it was time to make a princess snowgirl! We brought out all the accessories needed. Check out the finished product:
 Mollye would not even let me add the sticks I had planned for arms b/c they did not have glitter.  Oh sorry, Mollye, next time I will be sure to spray paint glitter arms for you!
 Then we had to check out the fun the backyard had to offer.  Lots of swinging and more snow angels!
 We decided to go in and get warm.  This included lots of cuddling and book reading!!! One of my favorite times! Then we both decided it was time for a NAP!!! After nap, we made homemade chocolate chip cookies and delivered some to Nanny and Papa! It was a fabulous day, and the best part is that we get to do it all over again tomorrow!

Happy Snow Day!

A very blessed Mommy
A princess named Mollye
A snowprincess