Wednesday, January 22, 2014


This sweet girl just makes me SMILE! 

She put her own jacket on (ok she really only got half of it on), and she crawled to the door saying "pease, pease."  This was her choice of activity as soon as we went outside.  She thinks she is so big! 


American Girl- oh how I wish I had thought of you! I could be rich and vacationing someone warm right now! 

My daughter is OBSESSED with all things AG.  For Christmas, she begged for Saige (which of course Nanny T purchased in like October!).  Up to this point with the dolls we have just played house, baby, and lots of talking back and forth.  Then this silly Santa had to go and purchase hair rollers...

Everyone who knows me knows hair and makeup are not two of my strong points! Oh no fear, Mollye and I have conquered the "beauty" world with these rollers! She LOVES doing Saige's hair! 

The finished product:

Now to conquer my own hair! 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Student of the Week

Mollye is student of the week next week! She is so excited! 

I, on the other hand, have procrastinated and waited to get all the pictures together until last minute (well actually they are not due until Friday).  With this said... we got to the question what's your favorite food? Her answer:


Really, meat?? I'm suppose to send in a picture of you eating meat... 

How do we solve this problem?? I know! Daddy loves meat! The answer: 

Mollye and Daddy had a lunch date today! 
The menu- steak!

This girl is all packed and ready to be the star student next week! 

Monday, January 6, 2014

Our First Snow Day 2014

Today was such a wonderful day! We had a much anticipated snow day; however, what I did not anticipate was by 9:30 a.m. we would have the call saying no school on Tuesday either! This made it much easier on this momma! I declared to worry about school tomorrow and just focus on the girls today! 


Mollye has always loved crafting so we made sure to craft.  Mallory is starting to enjoy them as well. 

On our Saturday trip to the library, I was sure to grab a few "snow" books just in case we were able to have an extra day! 

Snowman made of shaving cream and glue! 

Finished products!

 I always help make one that looks "normal" and then I let Mallory go at it! She had a blast and loved adding the "eye" so much that she added 4! 

Then we headed outside to collect snow for snow cream! 

 She's so pretty!! 
 Poor Mal had on so many clothes she might be a little miserable! 

My sweet girls! 

 They both loved it! 
Up next, Mollye made us a tea party! She even baked "bite size" cookies using  her easy bake oven.  "Tiny" should be the adjective used! 

Mal took several drives around the house in her "new" car! She loves this thing and I love watching her leg muscles grow each time she climbs in and out! 

Great day! Can I do it again tomorrow?? 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Fashion Diva

I never knew that girls were so picky about their clothes at age 5!! 13 I was prepared for but 5...

Anyways this sweet girl loves to rock her own look.  Today she managed to turn out pretty cute:


Sisters are amazing! Some days I just love to sit and watch them play.  Mollye is so loving, and Mallory is well she's just in love with her sister! Her sister is everything to her!

They were working on mommy a "surprise."

Here Mommy! It's your birthday!

They sang "Happy Birthday, Mommy" but somehow I was not the one blowing out the candles...

Mallory's turn to blow!

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Two sweet sisters who make this mommy happy!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Common core math

Many disagree with common core... It's like everything else in life; there are pros and cons. This post is not to discuss either in detail, but it is merely to brag on Mollye. 

Common core math requires thinking past just the answer. It requires defending your answer. It requires showing your answer in many different forms. It requires lots of mental math and LOTS of thinking! 

I, for one, personally hate this because I believe math is a simple answer. Unfortunately, i was taught that way... there was only one way to solve problems and only one answer. I would DIE if i had to take a CRA test.  However,  I love the opportunities it gives my students, and I LOVE watching the mental math involved.  For this reason, I do enjoy common core math! You would be amazed at the problems my students can answer in mere seconds using nothing but their brain! And no, they are not writing the problem out in the air trying to "see" the answer. They truly have a more in depth knowledge of numbers than I ever had! I bet many of my 7 year old students could answer quicker than most adults at answering problems such as 47+39. 

Common core you come with good and bad, but I am thankful that in today's world, where calculators appeared to be the only method for many, my 5 year old is beginning to have a deeper understanding of numbers! Today she rocked this word problem all on her own! Great detail! Bring it, kindergarten CRA! Ha!