Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mollye's 3rd Birthday

I love how I had decided back in March that we would just have cupcakes and play on her new playground... Why, oh why did I think I would ever let that happen???

By May, Mollye had started talking about her birthday.  She was ready for a big party like she saw in the pictures from her 1st and 2nd birthday parties! I, too, started getting excited about the birthday season.  By the time June arrived, we had a plan- Ariel! Now if you know anything about my child, you know she walks around pretending to have fins and singing every Ariel song known to mankind!

I promise I did try to downplay this party! I promise! I really did! Take note of the small amount of food! However, the look on this little girl's face made it all worth it!!!

 She was SOOO happy!!!

Here is a walk through of Mollye's 3rd birthday!!!

Mollye wanted to make her own cake. That is just what we did! She literally mixed, poured, baked, and placed all the items on the cake.
 Some even ended up on the face! I'm positive this was after she took a couple licks from her fingers!
 Homemade birthday hats!

 Table centerpieces

 Game Time!

First up was the make a fish craft station.  This helped to keep the kids in the front yard long enough to eat...

Dig for Treasure! The kids loved loading up their party favor buckets with all the goodies they could find!
 Every three year old needs a bounce house!
 Complete with a slide!
 Clam Toss- note how smart the sister-n-law was to give Mollye shorts under that super cool Ariel fin!
 Mollye loves to dance so there had to be a "Dancing around on what do you call them?? FEET!" complete with the Little Mermaid soundtrack.

Mr. Crab was in "charge" of all the drinks!
 Food Table!
 We decided to place the plates, napkins, straws, and "dinglehoppers" inside a briefcase such as the one Ariel carries her thingamabobs in.

 Peanut Butter and Jelly"fish"

Note that in July there is ALWAYS a fly in some picture!!! Ugh! Next year, the food is going to be inside!


Of course when I went to take the picture, the breeze would appear!

My favorite part of the entire day was when we sang Happy Birthday! Adam took too long to start it so Mollye started her own song!

Gift Time! Mollye loved everything in her "treasure trove!"

 Cousin Love!
 WOW!!! One very lucky girl!
 Party Favors- Beach Buckets & Towels!

All in all I think it turned out to be a great party!!! Mollye is still talking about it! She was happy, and that in return makes this Mommy very happy! Happy 3rd birthday, Mollye Addison Casey!!!

Here is our 6:18 p.m. picture on her birthday- Mollye is officially 3!!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

July 4, 2011

I'm only a week late in posting this time!! So much to do these days, and it seems blogging is always the item that gets pushed to the side! Sorry!

We had a fabulous fourth of July weekend! Daddy took off both Sunday and Monday.  This was a special treat! 48 solid hours of just family time!!! We can never get enough of that. 

Most of our time was spent  playing either in our backyard or on the lake.  Both are two of Mollye's current favorite pasttimes! She has really taken to playing baseball the "big girl" way these days.  This means that you must throw her the ball to see if she can hit it.  Nothing makes this mommy more happy than the enjoyment Mollye is having playing my favorite sport!!!  Daddy finds happiness in the fact that Mollye LOVES water! It doesn't matter what kind of water- bath, pool, sprinkler, or the lake! She loves them all! Just check out the pictures of how brave she was on the tube this weekend.  Standing up and singing... oh she has no fear!

Fireworks were fabulous this year.  We started the weekend off by watching the air show and fireworks display in Tullahoma on Friday.  Mollye loved it all except the little ones at the end that made too much noise.  Then on Sunday we headed over to a friends house to watch more.  By this point, Mollye was all about them especially when she got to hold her on sparkler! On the fourth, we went out on the boat to watch the fireworks.  Winchester put on a great show that we all enjoyed watching.

 Overall it was a great holiday weekend! Thanks be to all the service men and women and especially their families!

 I must add in here that we tried to make an American flag, but well Mollye was having no part of that.  She wanted a Mollye flag so we did...

Daredevil singing "Part of Your World" as we rode along the lake!