Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Organized Event

Mollye has offically started her first organized event- swim lessons!!! Wow, how did she get old enough to be involved already?

She was more than excited to start swimming.  As soon as I picked her up from daycare, the first thing out of her mouth was- "mom, are we going to my swim lesson today??"  Yes, that is exactly where we are headed for two days a week the entire school year!! I'm hoping we have this swimming thing down by the end of the year.

She did a great job in her class of four.  At first it was just her and two older boys (I felt sorry for them.)  Luckily one of the boys had a 3 year old sister whose mom went ahead and signed her up.  Mollye loved having a friend! I will have to say she sat and listened just like she was suppose to.  The only problem we ever had was occassionally Mollye would just jump in the water to her instructor.  Yes, I have told you the child has no fear of water!!!

Being a proud Mommy I of course had to grab a few shots of her very first swim lesson.  Enjoy!