Thursday, June 23, 2011

Memorial Day Fun!

Forgive me for waiting almost a month to post about this fun weekend!

We had an amazing memorial weekend doing nothing but spending time with family. Mollye loved everything about it because it all included water! This child loves to be on the water!

First off we let Mollye have a try at tubing! This is her first time on the tube! She loved it! I must admit I was a little bored given we were going all of maybe a mile an hour. She on the other hand laughed and giggled the entire way!

Next, Pa helped her try to catch a fish.  She really did not have much luck at first b/c as I imagined she was hardly patient enough. Just check out the look on this face- "I'm ready to get up and get back on the red float!" 

Then the boys arrived and Mollye was more than happy to show off her Daddy's boat! Just look at those grins and Mr. Cool Eli! Nothing better than cousin love.

The kids were happy to take a small break and play some baseball.  Poor Eli and Casey were patient with Mollye.  Ma even helped out in the batting world!

Mollye decided to take another try at fishing and had success! I do not know who was more excited her or her daddy! Just look how proud they are! Mollye's first fish:

Daddy decided to take a turn on the princess fishing bowl and ended up catching (in Mollye's words) the biggest fish ever! We were all impressed with his fishing abilities.  I'm amazed the pole did not break!

Lastly this was one of Mollye's favorites! The big blue float! She loved this thing! I do have to admit it was very nice and relaxing!

I would call this one of the best weekends of the summer! It was an amazing weekend with wonderful family! Thanks to everyone who was involved.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dance Time

I had to share this video with the world! I love this girl!!!

The scenario was Mommy and Mollye about to bake a cake while watching the CMT music video awards.  I had just put the stool out and turned the tv on.  The song playing was "Country Girl."  I turned around to head back into the kitchen and caught Mollye dancing her heart out! I ran to grab the camera and let me tell you she did not let up until she realized she had been caught! Too funny!