Friday, December 17, 2010

Hello Christmas Break!

I can't wait to finish up my shopping today and then I plan to sit back and relax! Time to enjoy the holidays!!!

Mollye is already in relaxation mode:

Monday, December 13, 2010

Snow Day!!

As my mother has already pointed out- it has been forever since I blogged last! Sorry, life has just been so busy lately! I will try to catch you up on all the fun that we have had, but for today I want to show off the fun Mollye and I are having on our first snow day of the 2010-2011 school year!

I plan to always have the tradition of the very first snow day of each year being a Mommy/daughter day! We do nothing but play, play, and play!

Today we have done just that! We started off by going out in the snow-

 She realized quickly that she could eat it!!!

 She loved to run and look at the footprints that were left in the snow!
 We came inside and decided to do a little work with the letter M.  We have started trying to learn the letters in her name.  I decided to let her practice writing the letter M by putting Christmas stickers in the letter shape. 

 Finished product!
 Time to make a nativity scene!
 She is a one color only type of child! "No, mommy, only brown!"  Excuse me for trying to add more than one color to each character!
 Finished product! She loved letting the Wise Men take baby Jesus gifts! She had them bring him makeup! Ha!
 What she really wanted to do!!! Play make-up! Whose kid did I get??

 After this picture she ran and hid so that I could not take her makeup away!
 Lunch time! We made a snowman sandwich in honor of the snow day!
What a great morning! Hard to believe it is only 12 and we have done so much!! Nap time now:)
Lots more fun stuff this afternoon! Snow cream, play dough, and then off to look at a house!!! Still hoping to find something...

Happy Snow Day!

Friday, November 5, 2010


Today marks one year since my grandmother passed away.  While I know this would have been a year of suffering for her, I still miss her. I still wish for just one more visit, just one more phone call, just one more time to say her name.  It still hurts, but I know she is happy and glad to be out of pain. So I will just keep remembering memories until that one day that I do see her again. 

What saddens me most is that Mollye will never remember her except in story form. This hurts as Mollye was Nana's world! I will be sure to tell her all about her great grandmother! Just two nights ago Mollye looked at the picture of Nana, Myself, and Mollye and asked who Nana was.  I told her and her response was- where is she? Now that hurt.  I had to explain to my two year old that she was at the best place possible- HEAVEN!

Everytime I look at this picture I think about how I would have rushed and printed one off for Nana.  This is a picture she would have LOVED! Both of her girls!
I love you, Nana! Not a day goes by that I do not think of you and wish I could stop by for our talks and conversations!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Oh how I love Halloween! I look so forward to the month of October, and then it seems to just fly by.  Tonight I was looking back at our pictures, and while it seems to have flown by I do believe we made the most of it! It was full of crafts, parties, a trip to the zoo, and trick or treating!!! In fact, this year we were even able to trick or treat on Saturday and attend Cowan's festival on Sunday night. 

Here are some pictures of Mollye trick or treating:

First stop Nanny T and Papa's:

 This was the first house we decided to stop at.  Mollye loved the decorations!

 After the second house (pictured here), she clearly understood what to do.  She had a routine that went like this: "Happy Halloween." [they would give her candy] "Thnk you. Next House!" Yes, she ran thank you and next house together~ she knew what she wanted!

 This is only half way through the first night!
 I love that I have a picture of just Mollye and myself from every Halloween!

 One happy little girl:
 Mollye's pumpkin. Carved exactly as she asked.
 This was the big kitty at the Cowan Festival.  It was one of her favorites! Might I also add that my child got inside a coffin- I was in such shock that I forgot to take a picture!
I will post pictures from the Halloween zoo trip tomorrow!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Party!!!

So much fun! This will become an annual tradition at our house! The kids had a blast, and I had so much fun coming up with all the decor.  The best part was that Mollye was able to help me with almost every decoration! 

Check out some of our fun:

Mollye practicing our Candy Corn Bean Bag Toss:

 Mollye helping to make the centerpieces (pretty sure she ate more candy corn than we added):

 Time to make bugs:

 Mollye was in charge of the eyes:

 Mollye's date is here! Now is that not the cutest Grease couple that you have ever seen?
 Mollye playing one of our games- can you cross without a spider getting you!?! She was nervous!
 Even Mommy and Daddy attempted to be 50's parents:

 Miss Ellie Rose (Mollye finally calmed down when she arrived as they are best of friends!):

  One cute ghost! Miss HK!
 Tree decorations that Mollye helped me make.  I forgot to take upclose pictures but we had an owl, kitty, and pumpkins.
 Finished table centerpieces:
Food Table (sorry I forgot to get a picture before we ate):
 Spaghetti jack o lanterns, anyone?
Candy Corn Veggies:
Hot dog mummies:

Yummy candy/dessert table:

 The banner:
 Yummy cupcakes!
Witch feet cupcakes:

 Spider Cucpakes:

 Again I forgot to take pictures before we ate. Sorry!
 Our child did not want to take a picture with us, but I think we found one that looks like she belongs:)
 Pinata Fun!!!

 Daddy had to save the day!
 The party favor was their bags and as much candy as they wanted!
 Love how Haley went through looking for the "good" candy. Aka chocolate!

What a great time we had! We had chili, spaghetti, hot dog mummies, veggies, and plenty of desserts! All of this great food along with a bounce house, ghost bowling, spider walkway, and a candy corn bean bag toss equaled a lot of fun!!! I'm not sure how I do not have pictures of the kids jumping in the bounce house.  It was the hit of the party!

Happy Halloween!!!
We will see you all again next year for the 2nd annual Casey Halloween Bash!