Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What was I thinking??

What is this you ask?

Well since I did not give birth to a smurf, I guess I must tell you this is one of my WORST mommy moments ever!!! I went a little over the top this time.

You see I love holidays. You already know this, and well I love traditions. So what holiday is around the corner? Yes, that's right, it's EASTER! What tradition comes with Easter? Yep, coloring Easter Eggs!!! Last year we did this at Nanny T's while Mollye sat and watched happily. This year Nanny T was smart enough to send the coloring home for a Mollye and Mommy only project. Wow, that woman is smart! She knew what I had in store for me!!!

Let's speed this story up a little and get to the moral of the story, shall we?

Basically, I knew I would color eggs this season, but I read in a magazine the other night the best way to do it with your preschooler (note, my child is 20 months- not preschool!) was to use a whisk and place the egg in the middle of the whisk. This would keep the child clean. As you already know, my child did not stay clean. However, reading this article only provoaked me to decide this was a sure way to color eggs with Mollye. I just knew she would love it! Love it she did! Mommy on the other hand quickly decided: Bad idea!!! Moral of this story is- read fine print!!! It clearly said preschool not toddler/twenty month old/terrible two acting toddler!!!

Here is my story via pictures:

Life is grand! Everyone is happy! Mollye is more than astonished by the egg changing color. Lots of "Mommy, Whoa! Mommy, ook!!!"

Life quickly changes for this mommy! Still a happy toddler, but the only thing this mommy is happy about is the fact that we rent:) Sorry, Jimmy, I promise it did not stain the floor!!
As I said before, the toddler was still loving it, and I am just stupid enough to keep trying... This time we have moved to the laundry room where there is very little you can hurt. Orange is the chosen color this time. Check out those smurf legs!

Finally the interest has faded. Mommy comes in for the swoop and takes the egg away before the toddler even realizes she has been moved to the bath tub. All that is left is a lonely egg locked in the laundry room who will not be rescued until there is a sound sleeping toddler!

Needless to say this mommy finished coloring eggs after bedtime:) I'm probably just stupid enough to try again next year!!!

Now off to redeem my Mommy qualities and make these sweet treats for Mollye's Easter Egg Hunt at daycare tomorrow!!!

"">Kellogg's® Rice Krispies® - Easter Egg Dipper Treats™

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Is this considered cheating?

Mollye has lots of Easter Egg hunts coming up in the later part of this week. I realized that she really did not have a clue on what to do at an Easter Egg hunt. With this in mind, we used Sunday's pretty weather and had our own egg hunt. Yes, that's right, I'm the mom out hiding eggs in our front yard. She loved it! She would not carry her basket around, but instead pick them up one at a time and run them back to her basket. Check out some pictures of our "cheating" Easter Egg Hunt!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Blue is the chosen color

Remember this

Well, I just couldn't resist. So yes I spent more than I should on a bathing suit, but I think you will agree that it is worth it! Just look at this cute girl:

She will be styling in our Mommy/Daughter swim lessons this summer! Plus, it is a little big so I'm positive we will get use out of it next year as well. Ok, I'm done justifying this purchase. It's done, and I love it!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The love is strong...

This was given to Mollye yesterday. She did her sneaky way of getting into the frig, and she chose this as a "snack." Can I just tell you that I have a sweet tooth girl on my hands!?! She is a cookie, cake, and chocolate pudding eating machine. I'll save you from the story and just show you the pictures:

After five minutes, the only thing left was a spoon, an empty plastic cup, and a baby girl going "mmm, yumm!"

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring, where did you go?

We were having such a great time playing outside, and now you have just up and disappear on us. Please come back! We have flowers waiting to bloom, a swing that is very lonely, and a new sand table to play with!

Even Mollye's baby enjoys you, spring. Please come back!

Please notice that:

1. Mollye put her baby in the flowers and then requested I take a picture.

2. Mollye made sure she had a little snack- see the chip properly placed on the chest of this baby doll.

So, Spring, I beg of you come back.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Consignment Sale!

It's almost like Christmas for Mollye!

Twice a year there is a local consignment sale in which we partake. This year I was able to shop the earliest possible! All thanks to my husband putting in many hours hauling racks to and from the sale as well as putting them all up. So on Friday, I took a little personal day and headed to shop for the Mollye Bear.

The main mission was a cheap sand and water table! I was so happy to find one for only $15!!! That's way better than the $75 Wal-mart wants for one. Is it brand new? No. Does it make Mollye bear happy? YES!!! She is in love with it. Just wait until she finds out we can add water to the other side. Look at our favorite find:

Along with this great find, we also found a mega blocks wagon for only $4! The blocks were a plus. I just knew Mollye would love pulling this wagon around the yard. I was right; she did!

Also, we were able to find the little people barn set for $3 and a school bus for $2!!! I told you it was like Christmas!

I, also, purchased another toy and puzzle, but I believe we will save them for a different date (maybe in an Easter Basket). The clothes were very limited this year. I normally come home with a laundry basket full of clothes. This year I only purchased a few outfits (none cost more than $3).

Here are a few of my favorites:
A lady bug dress with bloomers and a hat (now I will just have to figure out how to keep the hat on Mollye)
Two CUTE bathing suits ($1 a piece!)

A cute gymboree shirt that says "Grandma's Sweetie" We all know this shirt is true! Mollye loves her Nanny T!!!

The best part to this consignment sale is that while I spent roughly $50 on Friday, I will make at least that off of what few clothes of Mollye's that I sold!!! So you see essentially we had "Christmas" for free!!! I love consignment time! So does Mollye Bear!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Would you like a drink?

Mollye thought Lulu would like one! She loves to give Lulu (our FurReal Kitty) drinks, eats, and lots of kisses!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


So how is it that Mollye is growing so FAST?

In fact, just tonight she added the word FAST to her vocabulary.

We did the typical routine: bath, cuddle in Mommy's arms, diaper, then head to the crib for jammies. Except she sweet talked her way into this routine: bath, cuddle in Mommy's arms, diaper, cuddle in Mommy's arms, cuddle some more while yelling to go into the living room, then she wanted a little horsey action (remember still no jammies), then the next thing I know she is off running through the house yelling FAST...

That's right she is asking me to chase her while yelling FAST. Yes, my dear, you are fast in so many ways. So I happily obliged and chased this sweet, on the way to feeling better little toddler.

Here is the picture of her capturing her yogurt melts and about to take off again:

Next it was more chasing and more yelling of FAST! I love her landing though- right into her chair where she had strategically placed her yogurt melts! In this picture you can read her face- she is about to take off and say chase mommy, chase! Fast you may be sweet girl, but I still caught you! Now if only I could slow down this growing up stuff...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bad Weekend...

So I find that it is incredibly sad to report that I do not have even one picture from this weekend.

First of all, what happened to that pretty weather from last weekend? Rain, rain, go away! Second, if I did have a picture it would be of my sweet little girl with bright red, puffy eyes. She has one horrible cold. In fact, we all have it. Adam is currently laying on the couch telling me how bad he feels... this could be worse than Mollye being sick.

On a positive note, we did attend Mason's fabulous sock monkey first birthday party! It was all so precious. I was too busy chasing my child around to take any pictures. I will do better next time. Also, we enjoyed some yummy vegetable soup (compliments of Ma and Pa) and grilled cheeses. Those two things were the highlight of our weekend. Other than that it has been lots of runny noses, up all nighters, and lots of Mollye cuddle time.

Pray that she wakes up feeling much better. Oh wait, first can we pray that she stays asleep?

Remember that blogging about my dad? Well tomorrow is the day- the day he saves me from having to take a day off. He will have this precious, runny nose girl. Let's hope she doesn't do him in...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Talk to me about hair

Seriously when will her hair stop looking like a mullet? When will it begin to grow toward the back not straight in her eyes? When, when, when?

Please tell me soon! I feel so bad for her with it in her eyes. We try bows and pigtails, but once they fall out the hair is a real mess! I just keep combing it back and hoping. I know it will get better soon!

Look at this poor girl after bath tonight:

My Daddy!

So how can it be that he (well I for that matter) is old enough to be retired. That's right he finished up a couple of weeks ago. I'm so proud of him!

I'm a huge Daddy's girl so he has pretty much always hung the moon in my opinion. But really... I am proud of him. He worked so hard to give us everything he could. Both of my parents always made sure to supply us with everything we needed. I'm pretty sure during my junior high days that my mom NEVER bought herself anything b/c I had to have designer jeans! I owe them big time!
The best part is now that he is retired I can relax about who will watch Mollye when Nanny (Sue) has to take a day off. I know Mollye will be in great hands with Papa, because guess what Papa thinks Mollye and I hung the moon! Oh how grand it is to be so loved! I love you, Daddy!

Here is the retirement cake I made for him:

Note that the retirement cake has time for Mollye and Harley each day!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How can she be this old?

How can it be that last night purchased this for Mollye:

That's right, it's a potty! I just can't believe that she is old enough to possibly need this! It's not that I think she will be potty trained in the next month, but the child is just obsessed with the potty right now. I figure we might as well jump on board while she is obsessed. She's great at telling you when she pooped (way too good at telling you; especially in public areas). It's always fun to be in the middle of Wal-mart and Mollye start yelling "I POOP! I POOP!" Now it's gone from just this to Mollye saying "I want potty." She will proceed to go directly to the toilet and have you take her pants off and proper her up there. So you see we made this purchase for two reasons: 1. start the initial phase of potty training 2. so I can sit her up there and not have to hold onto her to keep her from falling in the toilet.

Either way the verdict is in: She LOVED her new potty!!!

Can I freeze her at this age? She's growing up way too fast for my liking.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Mommy, Daddy; Stop Fighting!

Yes, Mollye Bear is helping us to fight through an ongoing battle. You see about this exact time two years ago, we started this fight. It has yet to end...

We were in Wal-mart one night (I was pregnant with Mollye). We decided it was the perfect time to get Mollye her first "bunny." Well that sounded great until we went to pick one out. I wanted the cute bunny with the baseball. Adam wanted the cute bunny with the soccer ball. After much debate and fight over which sport is better (I'm still sticking with baseball), we left with both bunnies. For those who know us well, these bunnies helped us get through lots! The interesting thing is that Mollye has very little interest in either of them. Either way Adam and I often still fight over which is better.

Well this weekend Mollye had enough. She was determined to stop this long term fighting. Just look at how this sweet girl saved us from a life long fight:
That's right, Mollye decided to combine the two sports! How smart is she? So you see we spent the weekend hitting the soccer ball and kicking the baseball. All in the name of saving Mommy and Daddy from a fight...

Smart girl! Her only rule was HAVE FUN!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekends are the BEST!

Mollye and I are so ready for spring! This weekend only made our desire so much stronger! We had a blast being outside enjoying the fresh air. We even spotted some flowers coming through- first true sign of spring!!! So spring, I beg you: Get here, please!

Notice the flowers coming up!

Check out some pictures from our fabulous weekend:

On Saturday we had a very, horrible trip to Murfreesboro (we will save that for a different post as this is suppose to be the good). Let's just say terrible two's are upon us. After we got back and Mollye had a nap, she was much better. We made it outside to do some playing:
On Sunday, we headed to church in full Mollyemade attire! How cute is she:
After church, I had planned a picnic. We were all packed and ready to go, but since Daddy was running late- Pause here, for once it was my fault that Adam was running late. He is helping set up a consignment sale so that I can shop early for some great deals for the Mollye Bear. We both work together twice a year so that we can get in and be some of the first shoppers! Anyways, back to why we did not make it to the park. Needless to say Adam was a little late and Mollye was a lot tired- this was a combination that told me we should just settle for a nice, cozy family picnic in our front yard. That's just what we did!
We finished off the picnic with lots of play time. Check out our tricycle rides, a little swinging, and a little baby time.
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Future Plans

Mollye's future plans include playing at the park and a picnic this weekend! I hope the weather is nice because she will be crushed if her plans fall through. Spring, where are you? Mollye and I are READY!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

We need this, right?

So while I know this post is dedicated to sharing my life with Mollye Bear,tonight I thought I would share a little wishful thinking instead. You see I chased Mollye all over the house trying to capture that perfect picture tonight, but as you can imagine it is hard to get the perfect picture with a VERY ACTIVE 19 month old! Mollye and I had a little conversation and decided that it would be much easier on both of us if we had this:You see this would help me to take better pictures as well as Mollye would not have to stand still to get the camera to focus. Mollye even brought up the idea that we could settle for this:

Wishful thinking... It's always fun!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Care to play?

Meet Mollye's Favorite Play Date Friend:

So it's that time of the month again- time to have another play date! I can't wait. This is a big month for Mr. Mason though. He turns the big ONE! His mom and I are in the works of planning another play date around his fabulous sock monkey birthday party. Yea, Mollye will get to play with him two times this month!

Just check out some of the fun they had on their "Valentine's Play Date." He even brought her chocolates and cupcakes- that's a good man!

We can't wait to play!