Friday, February 17, 2012


Mollye and her Daddy share one really big love! THE LAKE! It does not matter if we are spending time on the boat, the tube, or just walking on the bottom.  They both LOVE it all! Mollye thought it was super fun to be walking on the bottom of the lake as the water is down so much right now.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

31 weeks 6 days

One more week down! I'm happy to report that the nursery is now painted (only took 9 days- but it's done!).  We have the vinyl name to hang above the crib! Now if it would just stop raining, Adam could go get the crib then I could start decorating! I can't wait to put it all together! I'm pretty sure Mollye's had been done long before week 31.  Crazy how different it is with the second child! Poor girl, I promise to try to do better!
How far along? 31 weeks, 6 days

Total weight gain/loss? I am up 9 pounds.

Maternity clothes? Some days, but not often. Still rocking the sweat pants a lot!!! My current favorite outfit is leggings paired with a sweater dress or such.  Comfy!

Stretch marks? So glad I can still say no! However, the left leg has decided to join the right in the vein world... ugh!!!!
Sleep? Barely any this week! Mollye has been sick which makes her normal little sleep even more miserable! Currently reading a book on toddler sleeping- please someone make this child sleep all night!!!  

Best moment last week?Glad to report we still have not had any placenta previa problems!!! If tomorrow is clear, that makes three weeks with no episodes!
Movement? Mallory would you please stop kicking my ribs! It's a little painful for Mommy, but I do love to know you are moving like crazy in there!

Food cravings? Nope.  I did get my favorite shrimp on Valentine's Day thanks to Adam cooking for me!

Gender? Another little girl!

Labor signs? We have started having a few real contractions here and there, but nothing to worry about. No rhythm to them.

What I miss: Being able to breathe! I hate that I can't even read long books to Mollye without having to catch my breath.  Forgot about this part of pregnancy!

What I am looking forward to: Monday is our next ultrasound! I can't wait to see her, and I'm hoping that the previa has corrected itself! I would love to go back to work for a few weeks before she is born! However, I know the likelihood of this is not high, thus, I'm just praying for a healthy report!

Milestones: Only two weeks away from the "safer" zone! It's funny how it started with let's get to 24 weeks so then we could attempt to stop labor if needed, then 28 weeks to see if the previa has corrected itself, now 34 to a much higher chance of delivering a healthy baby with better lung development (let's hope those steroid shots did their job if she was to come early!).  I'm sure after 34 weeks there will be another hoping and waiting, but for now I just want to get to 34!  

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day!


Valentine's Day look back:


that face just made me laugh!

 2012- We had a great day!

She loved making her robot Valentines! I had to calm her down on how many we could make.  At one point the list was up to 40~ that's a lot of robots!!!

Holidays are not complete without a Mollyemade outfit from AUNT MEG! She did not let Mollye down this year!  Look how cute and big this girl looks!

*Note- she even made Mallory one to match next year!

Hairbows to match! Made from the fabric and ribbon!!!

THANKS, AUNT MEG! You are amazing!

Again, just love this face:

My favorite part of the day was how Mollye kept saying- Momma, I love you! Happy "Valetime's" Day!! 

This was her blowing a kiss to everyone she loves! 

Hope you had a wonderful day! We did! This girl demonstrates love with everything she has!!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I figured it is time I introduce you to the next sweet MAC! My blog title will have to change soon!  Life with my M & M's!

Meet Miss Mallory! This ultrasound was taken back in January.  We are having another one on Feb. 20th.  I'll update with more pictures then!

I've seen several blogs where people update weekly with this type of questionnaire.  While
I'm not promising I'll be the best at it, I am going to try for the next 9 weeks (hopefully she will stay in there that long)!

How far along? 30 weeks, 5 days

Total weight gain/loss?  I am up 8 pounds- was 9 but I lost 1 last week (thinking that was muscle loss!)

Maternity clothes?  Not so much.  I wear some maternity shirts, but I mostly still wear my pants.  Also, being home I wear a LOT of workout/sweat pants!

Stretch marks? None yet! I made it through one pregnancy without them.  Hoping for the same this time! Now vein marks- that's an entire different story! I will have those fixed after this pregnancy!

Sleep? Up and down.  This is between two main factors- Mollye not sleeping well and having to go to the bathroom every few hours.

Best moment last week? No placenta previa episodes!!!

Movement?  Mallory is way more active than Mollye ever was! Mollye loves to watch my belly move around, and Adam is determined she is already playing soccer!

Food cravings? No major cravings.  I did just ask Adam to bring home some ice cream which is not typical of me. I'm hoping it has candy in it! Sonic Blast... We'll see!

Gender? Another little girl!

Labor signs? Thankfully no.

What I miss: WORK! and working out! I can't wait to be back to both!

What I am looking forward to: I'm looking forward to our next ultrasound.  I have my fingers crossed for a miracle! But I'll be happy as long as she is growing and doing well.

Milestones: one more week down with no problems!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My little artist!

Mollye is at such a fun age! I love to watch her little brain work.  She now knows all of her letters and almost all letter sounds! She actually has even been sounding out a few words these days- thanks to an app on the iPad! It amazes me to know that it will not be long until she slowly starts reading! Crazy, how fast time goes!

The one thing that she has always loved is art! I love to watch her art develop, and while I admit she is no Picasso just yet, she is getting pretty good! She has learned to make several shapes, and she has started applying them in her drawings! It's so fun to watch!!!

This is her kitty "Ariel!"  You would have had to have been here, but Ariel was having a very bad hair day due to the rain she had been in all day.  Mollye wanted to capture her hair- note the straight lines on top of her head! She was also laying down so Mollye said you can only see three of her legs! Now the nose, well I just can't even comment on that!

 Who is this you ask?  Belle.  Done completely with paint.  She was so cute.  She set her Belle doll up and tried to copy her as she painted!  Then at the end she had to go back and add lipstick!

I like that her arms are coming out of her head:)

This is my favorite! It will be framed!!! Mollye's first self-portrait! She was so cautious in drawing each part.  Circle for the face.  Blue for the eyes. Lips- again had to have lipstick! Purple dress b/c she was wearing one. She even put the rubberbands in with her hair up in pig tails.  Then she wrote her name to finish off her drawing. I just love it!