Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy 11 month Birthday, Mollye- Love, Daddy

So today is Mollye's eleven month birthday! Yes, that means T-minus one month until she is a toddler! Where does the time go???

So as she is playing this morning, I tell her over and over "Happy Birthday, Baby." I'm thinking how great it is that we always acknowledge every months birthday. As proud as I am for remembering and singing to her, I must admit that her Daddy made it even more special.

Fast forward several hours...

In walks Adam from work, I can tell he has something behind his back. I ask, "what's that honey?" Secretly thinking "is it flowers?" (he is very good about bringing me flowers on random days:) ) He approaches Mollye giving her her daily kiss and hands her something. She grins from ear to ear. He remembered her today while out working, and in complete Daddy fashion bought her a toy tractor. Not only a tractor, but a farmall tractor! They both were so cute. As you can see Mollye instantly bonded with her tractor toy via her mouth. THANKS, DADDY!!! You know how to make my day extra special.

Cupcake Attempt

Wow, oh wow! I am positive that I did not care as much about my wedding cake as I do my daughter's smash cake. Yes, I said SMASH cake. A simple cake thats sole purpose is to be smashed into a million pieces. Yet, as a first time mom- this cake is one that has to be just perfect!

Well after three attempts and one breakdown moment were I even went to a bakery determined to give over the title of mommy cake maker, I think I have finally resolved my problem. I have created a cupcake cake that I think will serve as my daughter's very first birthday cake! I so wanted to be the maker of this special cake.

Instead of attempting to ice the bottom, I cleverly did my research and discovered a way to use melted chocolate candies. What do you think?

So now it's off to the store to buy the perfect sprinkles and the right size cake decorating bag!

This event takes place exactly one month from today! So sad to think the first year is almost over, but we will have one fabulous cupcake party to celebrate. Maybe that will help keep mom's sad tears away. Where did my little baby girl go?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Father's Day!

Being a Daddy's girl, I know the importance in this wonderful relationship. I look forward to watching my Mollye grow into a Daddy's girl.

I wanted to start this special bond off right with a fabulous first Father's Day. We worked and worked on the gift, but of course Mollye had a different thought. Fearless, usually up for anything daughter of mine decided that one of her first true fears would be the letter "d" and "a"... So after much a fight and several attempts, we finally made it through this part of our gift. Now let's just pray she doesn't run when Kindergarten tries to review the letters D and A...

We framed these pictures in a three section frame and wrapped it up all pretty for Daddy. Along with this, we decorated a photo box with important pictures. We tried to include all of Daddy's favorite moments with Mollye. Daddy- we realized you need to be in the picture more:) Don't be camera shy! Then it was off to wrap that one up all nice and pretty. As you can tell, our Daddy is ok with simple and sweet. We love that about him! We would love to buy him a flat screen tv or a new truck, but let's face it financially that day is way down the road. So glad dad is easy going and loving.

The presents remain hid until the fabulous morning of Father's Day! Mollye and I anxiously await his arrival out of bed. We wait and we wait and we wait... Hmm... Mollye, I'm not sure he is getting up. I know- we'll make him breakfast in bed and WAKE HIM UP!! So we leave the presents and head for the kitchen.

Dad is finally ready to open those presents. Of course he gets a little help from his sidekick- aka Mollye Bear! He loves them! I think he is realizing that his little girl is growing up fast. His first Father's Day is here, and he has one of the best relationships in the world- the love of a father/daughter relationship. Go ahead Mollye- smile and ask for anything you want. The world is yours in his eyes.

The day continued with a fabulous lunch and lots of playtime, but most importantly this picture was captured:

To me it says:

I don't need anyone to tell me about Heaven,

I look at my daughter and I believe.